William 'Bill' Smith

Player Name



William 'Bill' Smith


Town gunsmith, skilled marksman

Personality Traits

War Machinist: William Smith is an unabashed arms dealer. He takes pride in the weapons he manufactures(and sells at high prices), and has little issue with who he sells to, provided they pay for their merchandise. He does appreciate it if you take care of his babies, though.

Huh, That's Clever: His trade, and a natural creativity sometimes lead him to unorthodox weapons. Given a lot of time and a high price, he could probably develop you a weapon to solve any problem.

The Crack of a Rifle: Bill has a preference for longarms, especially large caliber rifles. When pressed to fight, he'd rather engage from afar. That isn't to say that he doesn't appreciate handguns and more compact forms of armament, or that he doesn't know how to use them either…

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast: He sees no real reason to be in any hurry most of the time. Repairs that need doing will get done on their own time, rushing will only make things take longer. He takes exactly as much time as he needs, and as a result carries things out fluidly.

Cleans Up Nicely: He cleans up nicely and would be a reasonably attractive man, if he had a reason to be, which he never does. He wears glasses, heavy boots of a utilitarian style and drab colors. "They hide dirt" according to him.

What a Nice man: He's actually quite a friendly individual, if a touch lonely. No family or wife to speak of, he really has nothing aside from his profession and the occasional friendly customer.

Don't ask me no questions: Bill doesn't talk about his past prior to coming to this little border town. In fact, it's *quite* a sore spot for him. When confronted, he will likely either leave or plainly lie. Regardless, it puts a damper on the mood of an otherwise pleasant man.


  • Gunsmithing: 5
  • Fine Dexterity(Non-gun) 4
  • Snap Shooting(Rifles Only): 3
  • Longarms(Rifles): 4
  • Longarms(Shotguns): 2
  • Handguns: 2


  • In A Cave. With a Box of Scraps. - An experienced weaponeer can do a lot with *very* little. Field repairs, even well outside the scope of gunsmithing, and near on the spot development of solutions utilizing found objects that serves on par with or possibly even superior to other, lesser men's gear.


  • "Elizabeth" - A custom single shot lever action rifle in a wildcat round of his own development, .450 Mars. Bill shares his bed with this rifle.
  • .36 caliber revolver - A fairly unimpressive and understated firearm, but nonetheless a useful backup for when things are too close
  • .50 caliber boot pistol - A Compact, narrow single shot muzzleloading pistol. Obsolete, slow to load, but compact enough and cheap enough to not matter. Essentially a last ditch weapon.
  • "Security Deluxe" break action shotgun - A short, fat barreled shotgun originally marketed as a coachman's gun, it was a total surprise to him when it was a flop. While the weapon itself is fairly light, recoil is tremendous and range is quite short when compared to other contemporary shotguns. It fires a round used back in civilization for mass culling of waterfowl. Not one of his designs, but one he appreciates
  • Self-repeating rifle - An ongling project to render functional, a rifle who's action functions off of the weapon's recoil, chambering another round and firing it automatically. Currently a work in progress, and neither reliable nor practical in it's present state
  • Flashless Pistol - As a result of the large quantities of explosives in Bill's workship since his development of explosive shells, Bill took a more conventional top-break revolver and encased it around in a shield, with a muffler of sorts over the muzzle intended on eliminating all exposed muzzle flash and chamber flash to avoid accidental ignition. Slightly quieter than a normal pistol, with no muzzle flash at all, sounds odd when fired. Not very powerful.
  • Assorted tools
  • Brass framed glasses
  • Black, round-toed boots
  • Assorted drab colored pants and shirts festooned with pockets
  • Trenton's Vest - a vest(actually a couple such) made of multiple layers of silk, with many small steel plates sewn into the front and back. Protects against most handgun rounds and shotgun shells for the area it covers(front and back of chest). Provides a chance of protection against heavy rifle rounds on front and back surfaces, but not along sides. Looks like a fairly normal vest.
  • Belt knife
  • Bible
  • Flask

Personal History

William 'Bill' Smith blew into town and set up shop at what was, at the time, the outskirts of the town. He's since been swallowed up with neighboring shops. He doesn't like to talk about where he's from, and questions about why he came out here are often answered with an awkward "I can breathe easier out here" or such. He'll lie obviously when pressed about where he's from.

Bill has never spoken of his family, and has no wife or children.

When Bill moved in, he erected a "facade building", just the wooden front of the store and what amounted to a large tent behind. As time progressed, he built it up further into an actual store, albeit one with a dirt floor. As time goes on and he acquires the funds to do so, he continues adding to his store, building and improving, and improving his construction skills in the process(he's still quite rough at it). His shop is his home, and he lives in the back of it. He lives simply, in part because the cost of moving out to the frontier and opening shop nearly bankrupted him, and the climb back up has been fairly slow. The arms industry, and gunsmithing in general, is a low margin profession, and much of his money goes back into supplies and tools. His skill in his profession is the only thing that makes his business profitable at all, as he's rather shy and not yet well known in the region.

He enjoys rotgut alcohol. He has a makeshift, and seldom functional still in the back of his shop.


5'8, broad shouldered and very slightly heavyset, with glasses. He prefers drab colors and clothes with multiple pockets. Bill has collar-length, dark brown hair slicked back over his head, and a long, uncut beard.

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