Willard Doherty

Player Name



Willard Doherty


Talkative old wagon merchant. Sells various knicks and knacks, some with great use and some with no use at all.

Personality Traits

Collector of Unusual Items:Willard is always on the lookout to acquire more stock for his shop, especially if the stock is unique. He finds it hard to turn down oddities, from a revolver with 3 barrels to a radish in the shape of a famous fella. He’ll argue the price, but in the end he’ll probably end up buying it.
Tech Savvy:Always a tinkerer, the old man finds it hard to resist any item that can be disassembled, and if something is broken hoo boy, you better bet he’ll be on it to fix it. For better or worse.
Stubborn:If he knows it, he knows it. It’s difficult to change this man’s mind. For him, seeing is believing.
Farsighted:Just can’t see like he used to. He has an easier time shootin’ a man a mile away than he does shootin’ one within 20 feet.
Gettin’ Old:His wrists just don’t work like they used to. He has a hard time firing any gun repeatedly, on the cause of his wrists hurtin’ so much.
Ain’t Lookin!:This old fella is just too heartbroken to care for romance. Though he has an annoying tendency to treat youngins’ like his kids.


  • Bigguns: 4
  • Jury-Rigging: 3
  • Wagoneer: 4
  • Brawling: 3
  • Cooking: 1
  • Storytellin’: 5
  • Lyin’: 2
  • Hogtyin’: 3
  • Shootin’: 3
  • Hagglin’’: 4


  • Eagle Eye: Willard is real good at seein’ fellas comin from real far off, even better at shootin’ em.
  • Runnin’ Off: He ain’t one to stick around if his life or valuables are at stake. He’s seen plenty of shoot outs and knows when to high tail it out of a place.
  • Traveler: Willard’s wagon is about as old as he is, meaning he’s had plenty of time to drive her all around the country. He knows his terrain well and can cross just about any river or climb any mountain so long as he has his wagon.
  • Quick Fix: The old man can just about see what is immediately wrong with anything he’s familiar with, and reliably fix them to boot!


  • One Snapshot Block Rifle, a hefty old piece, slow to draw and only good for shooting guys way off. Made entirely of steel, the end of the barrel snaps off into a shotgun, though the rifle can’t be fired until the barrel is lodged back in place.
  • Some fella’s Big Ol’ Knife. One of the first things Willard ever bought himself. As big as a boot and about as thick as a horseshoe, with a handle made of antler bone.
  • A white button up shirt, accompanied by some hand-made cowskin pants, complimentary cowskin vest and some worn out ol’ boots.
  • Old Wagon. This old wagon was a gift from his father when Willard had his coming of age. The old thing is drawn by a single horse, and in its old age it wobbles slowly along. Queerly enough, a small mast sits above the wagon, and a few buoys round its perimeter.

Personal History

A natural trader, Willard has traveled all over the country and met every shape and color of folk there is. He fancies himself a collector of odd things, story’s being one of them, and while he could have quit this business long ago, he drives himself on.


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