Walter Obadiah Smith

Name: Walter Obadiah Smith

Age: 69

"Position”: "Chief" Sheriff of Los Ares


  • Enforcin': 2
  • Talkin': 3
  • Ridin': 3
  • Shootin': 2
  • Readin': 3
  • Knowin': 3

Notable Character Traits:

  • Lawman: Obadiah Smith is the long-time sheriff of Los Ares. He upholds the law with a patient, yet firm, hand.
  • Cool and Kindly: Sheriff Smith is a kindly old man, having settled calmly in his age from the fierce and passionate young man he used to be. He'll make a friend of anyone, and has the respect of many Los Ares citizens.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Gettin' Old: Ol' Obadiah is nearing his seventh decade in life, and he's slowed down considerably. Back in the day, he could manage Los Ares himself but with a single deputy. Though with Los Ares' ever-expanding populace, he's had to hire on more sheriffs, like Ned Castings and Lenny Holiday.

History (Optional):

Walter Smith was a young boy when Los Ares was founded, and became the first necessary sheriff of the town at the tender age of 18, when he shot down the legendary outlaw, Sambo of Shail, in a spectacular duel. He's married a few times, had a handful of children, but has always dedicated his life to Los Ares.

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