Trenton Adams

Player Name



Trenton Adams


Cavalier Clothier

Personality Traits

Stitch, Snip, Give A Speech: Trenton believes in his craft, often bundling his queries to customers about what they're looking to get out of their garments with enlivened, and enthralling expositions on all manner of tenuously connected, but nevertheless entertaining subjects.

Share And Shear Alike: A moderately progressive fellow, Mr. Adams doesn't discriminate on class when it comes to his clients. He's made a good deal of money, and a good deal of friends off mending and dressing the 'working ladies'. Despite that he's reached a level of reputation where he could easily live off only accepting wealthier, more 'genteel' customers, Trenton refuses to turn away any one who seeks him out. At least not based on their wallets, or lack their of.

Silken Tongue, Satin Soul: Trenton i quite adept at twisting and turning everyone he speaks too, as though he were fitting them for a lovely robe, when in truth he is ensnaring them gently in a comfortable and relaxing cloak made from his sincere, and quite heartfelt feelings, on, well, just about everything. Anyone who spends any amount of time with Trenton will find themselves repulsed by his openness, and earnestness, or enveloped by it.

Hessian Perspective: Despite the finery he soon often finds himself working, and enjoying, Trenton is far from adverse with working less delicate, or expensive cloth. Similarly, he knows there's a time and a place for getting his hands dirty, and has no problem with getting involved with situations that will leave him cleaning blood from under his fingernails. Scrubbing similar fluids out of clothes though….Trenton gets quite testy when he sees a fine garment ruined, dirtied, or just mistreated. Especially one that he's made himself.


  • Bespoke Tailoring: 4
  • Scissor hands: 3
  • Needle Work: 3
  • Fashion Sense: 5
  • Sharp-Eyed: 3
  • (B)Romance: 3
  • Party Rocking: 3
  • Heartwarming: 4
  • Smirk: 3
  • Fitness: 2
  • Sincerity: 3
  • Usually Harmless Sleight of Hand 3
  • Shooting: 1



  • An extensive Wardrobe
  • Needles, Scissors(large superbly sturdy scissors), Thread. All the odds and ends and things a first rate tailor employs.
  • A six shot revolver, modified by Bill Smith. Shorter barrel, down to 4" overall, and a bisley model grip frame. Well suited for surprise draws and hiding.

Personal History

Trenton once lived in Norton. He despised it. Working with his father and mother in a outfitters, as a boy, he spent much of his day eking out a living stitching, and sowing together rough rolls of fabric into hardy and serviceable wear. Over the years, the chore developed into a craft, and from a craft, into a passion. Gradually Trenton began pouring his heart and soul, and creativity into the rough raiment he an his father created. Eventually making enough to make sure his parents would be well off in their older age, and enough left over to move to Los Ares. That was 7 years ago. Trenton is now 28, and a tailor of some repute, and reputation, in his district. During the daytime, except weekends, Trenton receives mostly those customers who are cut from, and prefer, richer cloth. Later in the evening, and occasionally late into the night, Trenton entertains, and tailors raiment for the women, and men, who are employed in more physical occupations. Trenton enjoys the company of these people as much, if not more, then the upper crust. No one doesn't interest Trenton. As a result of his serving all layers of Los Ares' social strata, he's invited to nearly all the best celebrations. A true socialite.


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