Tokoya Tetsuya

Player Name



Tokoya Tetsuya

Personality Traits

Quiet intensity: Tetsuya is a quiet man, a lot like his father, he likes to keep his personal issues to himself. Sometimes, he may even come off as rude.

Flowers and Steel: There is a proper way to do everything, according to Tetsu, and one should always understand that way before pursuing any action. As such, Tetsuya has a heavy attention to detail and dislikes people who do not take the time to think forward.

"Those who only prefer one season are only alive one part of the year": Tetsuya is very attuned to the seasons, and enjoys every difference and little nuance that each season delivers. He is very sensitive to even the smallest shift in nature.

Tokoya good-looks: Hana is blessed with beauty, and her brother is no different. Tetsuya is a very attractive young man, though his wild hair can hide that as it hangs in his face. He has made a vow not to cut it, for whatever reason. He claims it does not bother him, despite his younger sister's protests.


  • Higashian blade arts: 4
  • Rifle: 2
  • Hair dressing and Barbery: 1
  • Poetry: 2



Personal History

Coming soon!!


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