Thaddeus Everett

Player Name



Thaddeus Everett




Fire-and-brimstone preacher man, come to confront the devilry brewing along the underbelly of Los Ares

Personality Traits

Those Who Sow Trouble…: Thaddeus is no stranger to the evils of the world, having grown up in a town that suffered from violence and lawlessness far more than Los Ares does. He will not flee from the danger posed by men and women who are lost to their sin - instead he believes in confronting the devil directly wherever his schemes may lie.

Devil Ain't Have You Yet: Despite Thad's sermons seeming to condemn almost everyone, he clearly separates the people he meets into groups of 'source of the problem' and 'symptom of the problem'. A few moral shortcomings here and there won't make him shun a person, and he himself has been known to indulge in a few excesses (drinking and wrath, most notably).

Let Justice Roll On Like a River: The rule of law holds a special place in Thaddeus's heart, and he sees the concepts of order and punishment as two of the greatest tools to keep a man from falling to sin. In another life, he might have been a lawman himself, or perhaps a judge. His disgust for those who actively shun order and promote anarchy knows no bounds.


  • Intimidation: 4
  • Shotguns: 3
  • Fearlessness: 3
  • Preaching: 3
  • Rooting Out Evil: 3
  • Drinking: 2
  • Condemnation: 2
  • Faith: 2
  • Brawling: 2
  • Having Incredible Facial Hair: 5





Personal History

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Sporting a set of immaculately groomed sideburns, a mustache, and a goatee, Thaddeus's face and stature make him seem more like a living statue than a man. His jaw is set firmly, his shoulders are broad, and the bridge of his prominent nose meets with a brow that is marred only by a small, thin scar above his left eye. The lines of his face and the thin strands of gray creeping into his hair reveal him as a man soon to pass into his forties, though he shows no sign of slowing down because of it. When angry or when preaching (and really, there is little different between the two for him) the corners of his mouth pull back into a near-snarl, and the muscles of his neck bulge in such a way that his statuesque appearance is quickly replaced by one reminiscent of a beast.

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