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From the Desk of Lilah

Wow, 6 years later, and I decide to revive this. This time, in discord!
I'm keeping a good chunk of some of the lore. Nothing from the old Red Sun will be deleted because it's just too juicy. Instead, it'll be archived at the bottom of pages UNLESS people think we should start our own Wiki. We shall see.

From the desk of your GM, Lilah

Oh shit, this is getting a reset?! Now with better players! I can't wait!
Don't read that old shit, that shit is old.

Love y'all,

From the desk of your GM, Lilah

Red sun's third change. Now titled "Solarid." A Samurai Western.

I feel like the Genre name is kind of self-explanatory. If you need help with an explanation, then ask me.
I would like to stress that this role play is fictional. Keep this in mind. Generally, in real life, a gun vs. a sword is an unfair pairing. However, as this is fiction, this means that Swords can block bullets, guns can be experimental, and flash-step is certainly a possibility. Talk to me or one of the other GMs if you have any questions.

Love for all my little role players~

From the desk of your GM, Lilah

So, The Red Sun has changed from a western, to a futuristic Cyberpunk story. Most of the stuff in my last post applies.

One of the things that I've decided to incorporate into this role play is the use of something I call "Tektoniks." They are devices or medicines which alter the body and allow certain things to be used that otherwise couldn't be possible or easy for a normal human without outside help. They can help one start fires at the snap of their fingers, channel electric attacks by amplifying electrical sparks in the brain, gather moisture out of the air, sharpen senses, and even use telekinesis-type powers. These devices are insanely fictional, and trying to apply any bit of logic to them is probably a stretch. Despite, when applying these things to one's characters, use your imagination.
Also keep in mind that when a character has a tektonik, they are plagued by health issues. Massive headaches, tumors, mental illness, rapid body deterioration, what have you. The lifespan of a Tektonik is short and often painful. Keep that in mind.

Invite your friends! Well… friends that are good role players.

Love for all my little role players~

From the desk of your GM, Lilah

The nature of this RP may be a bit different than you might be used to. It's set up on a trust and monitoring basis. You have full freedom with your character, and in making decisions in the RP. I hate the dice rolling system, I feel like it's flawed, and is a little too video-gameish. I like to decide my character's fate, and not watch as their "HP" or points or what have you drop. If I want my character severely injured, dammit, I'm gonna do it. The most epic moments I've ever experienced in role plays are in role plays like this.
I realize that this sort of opens up a lot of room for Godmodding. I totally get that.
The difference is, is that I'm willing to call you out on it, and boot you for it. We're adults, and we won't play the "NUH UH, I USED TELEPORT SO I DIDN'T GET HIT" game. If I see something that I don't like, I'll call you out on it. Even if you didn't mean it, I will still explain why maybe what you did was ridiculous.
If your making a character, obviously your character has a set of attributes that they may be good at. I think a good story can justify anything, but dammit, if you're making a super scientist gunslinger with the ability to tame any fucking animal, you better have a story that shocks and awes me into a coma, because I damn well won't go for it. Be logical. Your Chemist probably isn't a level 5 in small weapons. Your gunslinger is probably not a level 5 in engineering. We want to make this rp interesting, not stupid.

Every character, I feel, in their own right, is important. Something that bugs me about group role playing is that more often than not, certain characters get the spotlight, and others are entirely ignored.
My way of solving this is through personal plots. Each character will have a personal plot, whether small or grand, everyone will have a personal plot at some point that centers around their character and involves everyone. It builds relationships between characters and develops the story, and the characters. There will also be impersonal missions, of course. You'll come to fear devilled eggs.

Oh, and one more thing. Don't rage quit. Talk to me. If something is wrong, even if you think I'm doing something wrong, then wave a flag to me. I'm friendly, I'm logical, I rarely get angry. I don't like fighting, and I like to keep the peace, and keep everyone happy. Help me do this, yes?

Love for all my little role players~,

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