Tanaka Shoshin

Player Name



Tanaka Shōshin (田中松針)


Gentle poet and Tanaka Momiji's younger brother.

Personality Traits

May I have a beautiful attitude, a refreshing attitude: Shōshin is very different from his older brother, being far more polite and calm. He is massively kind.

Turn to Kami, trust in Kami: Shōshin is very spiritual, and devout, though he has yet to choose any kind of organized religion.

Without a thought of desire— The sound of raindrops: Shōshin is a poet, and he finds his inspiration in nature, and the order in which the Universe seems to carry out fate.

Words come from the depth of your heart: Very few Higashians can speak Nortanic without an accent. Shōshin is one of these few Higashians.


  • Shodō: 3
  • Poetry: 5
  • Higashian blade arts: 1
  • Ink painting: 2
  • Fiction writing: 2
  • 'Flower Speech' 2


  • Clothing
  • Blank journals and books
  • Black ink
  • Varying sizes of calligraphy brush

Personal History

The Tanaka family had always been a military family. The men were always proud to follow in their father's and grandfather's foot steps of joining the Higashian Royal Guard Force.
Shōshin, however, was different. A quiet and lofty boy, he was always interested in writing and reading and making beautiful things. He saw beauty around him, after all, and wished to create beautiful things. Much to the dismay of his family.
Still, Shōshin pursued his desires, and is becoming quickly well-known for his beautiful poetry.

He heads to Los Ares, carrying the weight of his family's worry for Momiji, their once-great general son. After his bitter divorce, he holed himself up in Los Ares, and hasn't sent any correspondence or reply to his family in almost 2 years.
Shōshin looks to make a visit…


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