Tanaka Momiji

Player Name



Tanaka Momiji (田中椛)


Former Glorious General and Bitter Brothel Owner

Personality Traits

Nasty AND Pleasant?: Tanaka is rude, unkind, sharp, and all-around nasty. Still, he generally has impeccable Higashian manners— He will offer to have tea with you, serve you in his own home, let you bathe first as a guest, and even ask if you're comfortable.
Unlucky Bastard: Tanaka is quite unlucky, and most of his efforts at doing anything properly get thwarted. This is a massive shift from his former luck-filled military days.
Woman-Hater: Tanaka is needlessly sharp with women, and often comes off as verbally abusive toward Higashian women most of all.


  • Keeping Hos in line: 3
  • Rifle: 2
  • Higashian blade arts: 3
  • Military Command: 4

Personal History

Coming soon…


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