Something S Fishy In The Bellows July 10

(11:34:15 PM) Lilah: The sirens echoed through the night, as Sunny sat on the stoop steps of the house. Fox, meanwhile, was in the house, cooking dinner with Sam. The smell of food filled the small building.
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(11:39:31 PM) ***Laito|Sam expertly dices parsley on a cutting board.
(11:44:19 PM) ***Felix tumbles through a door and into the kitchen, rummaging through the refrigerator. "….F-……FOX GODDAMMIT…. Where's the juice?!"
(11:44:42 PM) Lilah: Fox plays with her hair a bit, and then continues adding what looks to be chicken into a pan. "Who the hell is eating tonight--" She looks over, raising an eyebrow at Felix, "Settle, son. What?"
(11:46:34 PM) Felix: "Orange…. Juice…" he mumbles, looking over the door, so that only his eyes are visible.
(11:46:48 PM) ***Laito|Sam smells a lemon. "Is this-" Sniff. "Growth hormones in my goddamned fruit pissing me off." He's just muttering.
(11:47:25 PM) Lilah: "Oh, I drank it this morning." She says off-handedly. She looks to Sam, "what?"
(11:48:14 PM) ***Laito|Sam takes a rack of ribs out of the oven and goes back to preparing things.
(11:49:07 PM) Lilah: Sunny sits outside, playing a game, which is rather brightly colored, on some game system.
(11:49:24 PM) Lilah: Which has about 20 pounds of cute charms hanging off of it in a cluster.
(11:50:30 PM) ***Felix looks down at his legs, veins stained with green spots, "…devil…woman….-sigh- I'm off to the corner." Grabbing his jack and slouching out down through the steps
(11:50:55 PM) Laito|Sam: "I rarely know what that kid is talking about."
(11:51:01 PM) Lilah: "Where are you gooooinngg~" Sunny says rather musically. Her game beeps.
(11:51:21 PM) Lilah: Fox shrugs, "Kids. I barely understand my own damn sister."
(11:52:05 PM) Lilah: "She's into that brightly-colored, high-pitched Asiana dance music. That's something I'll never understand." chopchopchop, "Now I feel old. What is it like to feel old, Sam?"
(11:52:22 PM) Laito|Sam: "Shut up. She was out late again last night, you know."
(11:54:34 PM) Lilah: "…She was -not-." Fox stops chopping and turns toward Sam.
(11:54:34 PM) Lilah: Sunny's ears perk up at the sound of the speaking through the open window. She gulps. "H-Hay, take me with you." She quickly follows Felix.
(11:55:29 PM) Felix: He stares at Sunny, walking backwards with a grim face, "Your escapade…. -points to legs-… need juice, you're buying." He turns back around not slowing his pace.
(11:57:07 PM) Lilah: Sunny quickly scurries after him, "Of -COUURRSEE-" She'll obviously get him out of cash SOMEHOW later this week. Cute things are expensive. Suddenly, Fox sticks her head out the window, "SUNNY ANDREA FOX."
(11:57:55 PM) Laito|Sam: "See? Out almost every night this week," Sam mutters, going back to preparing food.
(11:59:24 PM) Lilah: The two turn the corner before Fox can actually get'em. Ashton growls gently, and goes back to the kitchen, "…She's gonna get kidnapped someday."
(07/10/2010 12:00:46 AM) Laito|Sam: "Good thing most people around here are scared of you. Or Big T."
(12:01:59 AM) Lilah: "…I mean by those HTI guys…" Mentioning that… word. It makes the aura of the room rather heavy. As if they listen to you…
(12:03:16 AM) ***Laito|Sam shakes his head as he wipes his hands on a kitchen towel. "Why would HTI come all the way out here to take some little girl?"
(12:04:27 AM) Lilah: Fox wipes sweat from her forehead, huffing gently… "Maybe I'll tell you some other time. Sometimes I forget you're rather new."
(12:04:59 AM) Laito|Sam: "What are you, wanted? They got your name in their database?"
(12:05:08 AM) ***Laito|Sam scrutinizes Ashton.
(12:06:26 AM) Lilah: Ashton keeps chopping, straight faced, "Don't worry too much about it, Sam."
(12:07:59 AM) Felix: Sticking his head out of the alleyway, checking both sides of the street for passing denizens, he quickly moves into the storefront with a large glass door.
(12:08:49 AM) Felix: "Women, give him the cash so we can get out of here," grabbing two gallon jugs of juice from the back freezer.
(12:09:47 AM) Lilah: Sunny scoots on up to the counter, smiling, "Hi~"
(12:11:19 AM) Felix: "Morning missy" an elderly fellow pops up in front of the register. "Your friend at the juice again?" he asks curiously
(12:12:04 AM) Lilah: "Yup. He's silly." She pulls out her credits card.
(12:13:03 AM) ***Felix lugs himself toward the counter, "….Not silly, just really good stuff." grimacing at Sunny.
(12:15:14 AM) Felix: The old man chuckles, and scans the card, "6.88's yer total." Squinting at the screen, it flickers a happy face. "Off you go~" he motions with a smile.
(12:16:16 AM) Lilah: Sunny smiles and scurries out of the store, waiting outside for the slower Felix. :>
(12:18:36 AM) Laito|Sam: There are some men gathered down the street a bit and across. Street-senses place them as shady.
(12:20:11 AM) Felix: Nodding to the store owner he cracks one of the juice containers open, chugging at least a liter. Shaking his legs a bit, the green seems to get rid of itself, "Good good." Staying close to Sunny, "Hunny, get moving." he looks down sternly.
(12:20:59 AM) Lilah: Sunny gives an uneasy look toward the men, and she turns, and quickly begins the walk toward home.
(12:22:26 AM) Laito|Sam: The men are headed their way. Aw man, they must be more of those H-Town goons from the southwestern part of Highland, about fifty miles away. Word on the street says there was some kind of huge explosion down in those parts, so there's been an influx of gangsters and hood boys that don't know the rules of this part of town…
(12:23:21 AM) Laito|Sam: Migration is Highland City's biggest threat to itself. Big T says that sometimes.
(12:24:51 AM) Lilah: "They're following…" Blushes whispers frantically, her footsteps going faster.
(12:25:13 AM) Felix: Constantly looking back toward the thugs behind them, Felix pulls out his pocket cooler from his jacket and places it in his pants pocket, managing to juggle the containers. "Just keep moving, were close enough to home."
(12:26:48 AM) Laito|Sam: "Yah yah, whatcha be greenin' witch'er pretty girl dere, mah?" asks one of the hoods, arms gesturing wide with enthusiasm.
(12:27:39 AM) Laito|Sam: Them southwest accents are tell-tale exotic around here.
(12:29:38 AM) ***Felix tenses up at the foreigner's voice, hearing someone from a different region of highland while not running tends to stress him out, "Getting her in-doors fellas, no worries." he grins while knocking back more of the beverage
(12:31:35 AM) Laito|Sam: "Why don'cha be shar'n da welt' mah', we make 'ah nice 'n' safe for jha.." Felix has been on the streets long enough to know what this is. These guys are probably lower ranking members of some shoddy gang down south, where some guy was like 'Hey, me and my friends are a gang now', and he just happened to live long enough to get enough members to make an
(12:32:35 AM) Laito|Sam: impact. Thugs like these only go out to cause trouble, to prove their worth on the scale of the streets that don't care about them. They're probably gonna beat and roll Felix, and take Sunny off somewhere quiet.
(12:33:39 AM) Laito|Sam: At their core, they're just kids who don't know any better.
(12:34:51 AM) Lilah: Blushes seems to be getting troubled and upset, her lips poking out as she looks uneasy… she brings her hand over and clings it to Felix's arms… "Why are there so many hoods recently…?" Sunny asks quickly and quietly, under her breath…
(12:37:08 AM) Felix: Using his free hand to toss the now empty jug aside, "Power trips my dear, its how they get off." Felix turns his head slightly, "I think ya need to just scurry inside with your sis, m'kay? Move along."
(12:37:41 AM) Felix: He sticks the second jug out at her, "Don't. Spill."
(12:39:00 AM) Lilah: Sunny frowns, and takes the jug, quickly running the rest of the meters to get back to the house.
(12:39:01 AM) Laito|Sam: "Ahhhh, y'aint bein' nice, mah', you breakin' me'art witcha bad mannah's…"
(12:40:40 AM) Laito|Sam: "Here's -my- bad manners," growls Sam as he scuttles out of the darkness and WALLOPS the talking hood with a wooden bat. He quickly assaults another one. The hoods start to freak, unsure of how to fight back or if running will make them bitches.
(12:41:49 AM) Felix: Letting out a relieved sigh, he slumps over catching his breath. "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG OLD FART! D:<"
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(12:44:21 AM) Lilah: Ashton pops out the front door of the house, hand on her hip, watching as Sam beats the crap out of the hoods.
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(12:45:51 AM) Felix: Taking a moment to look at the bat, as well as the lingering Fox, he quickly adds, "You know I love you big guy!"
(12:46:05 AM) Laito|Sam: "GO INSIDE," Sam replies, front kicking a charging hood in the gut. "What," he taunts. "What. You gonna stick me with that thing?" Sam regards the little knife his opponent is holding. They both look at it, then the hood lunges at him with it…and Sam just whaps the kid in the arm, sending the knife flying. "Get out of here, ya little shit."
(12:46:41 AM) Laito|Sam: The last remaining brave thug scrambles away after that.
(12:47:00 AM) Lilah: Fox slaps Felix on back of the head as he walks in, "No WALKING at NIGHT."
(12:48:11 AM) ***Felix rubs the back of his head, "You drank the rest of the juice! I need more -sigh-…"
(12:49:38 AM) Felix: "Blame little princess in there for that one." he frowns.
(12:50:47 AM) Lilah: "HAY." Blushes huffs. She gets up from the couch, and quickly runs upstairs. Fox rubs her face with a deep sigh.
(12:53:28 AM) ***Laito|Sam walks back to the porch, bat rested on his shoulder. "Fucking Southport Anglers in the Bellows…" he says lowly to Ashton, as if the thing were unprecedented and unnatural.
(12:54:23 AM) Lilah: Fox grimaces, "What the hell they doin' -here-?" She then looks to Felix and gives him a little glare, "And be nice to her. You know she likes you, dummy."
(12:55:00 AM) Felix: "K-….Keep a better eye on her" he mumbles. "I know its a task, but sooner or later I won't be able to come and pick her up every night, stepping just to make sure I get there in time." he hesitates.
(12:55:54 AM) Lilah: "You need to cut it on the Teks, Felix. You know that."
(12:56:32 AM) Felix: "You need to stop drinking all my orange juice…"
(12:57:40 AM) Lilah: Fox rolls her eyes. "Dinner's almost ready."
(12:57:59 AM) Laito|Sam: "Buddy of mine says the Anglers got caught up in some bad shit. One of their port warehouses blew up. News of it was locked in past Shayland." This usually means this was about something somebody high up doesn't want the public to know about. Word-of-mouth alone spread the word of the explosion past the principality of Shayland ten miles north of H-Town.
(12:59:51 AM) Laito|Sam: If the news reports were cut off so quickly, it means it was something -big-. "The Anglers been moving north when they found out their leader was caught in the blast. Lookin' for new places to bang in."
(01:00:16 AM) Lilah: "…That means you guys need to watch ir when you go out." She turns toward the stairs, "I'm going to lock Blushes in her room." She then heads back for the kitchen, "Some shit is probably going down. I don't want to get caught up in it."
(01:02:47 AM) Felix: Holding the door behind her, "Deliveries have been keeping to the North, we shouldn't be to screwed by the nonsense." Waving his hands in the air, "Not like we're going anywhere, anyway."
(01:03:50 AM) Lilah: "I'm going to start refusing jobs if it gets too bad. We've had storms like this before." Fox quirks an eyebrow, as she stirs whatever is cooking in the pan.
(01:05:43 AM) ***Laito|Sam goes back to cutting the finished ribs apart, and dividing them amongst plates. He decoratively adds stems of garnish on the plates.
(01:06:17 AM) Felix: "…Refusing jobs…now?? We're on an upturn come on woman, they're only some thugs." his stomach growls, "Guh, your call."
(01:06:41 AM) Lilah: "Sunny's just going to eat the garnish." Fox says with a grin. She points at Felix, "Sit."
(01:07:41 AM) ***Laito|Sam >:| "Fine. Let her."
(01:08:04 AM) ***Felix lets out a sigh and plops down into the chair, playing with his earrings
(01:09:26 AM) Lilah: "ELECTRO. FOOD." Fox yells up the stairs. "/I'm not coming!/" She yells insistently. Fox grimaces an points at Felix, "YOU. Go get her."
(01:10:36 AM) Felix: Staring at her with an indifferent face, "…you…. you just told me to sit.."
(01:11:11 AM) ***Laito|Sam spreads the plates among the little dining table in the other room.
(01:11:52 AM) Lilah: Fox walks up to Felix, and slaps him on the back of the head. "Son." She sits.
(01:13:45 AM) Felix: "Fffffu-….for Buddha's sake." slumping over to the stairs, he trudges to her door. "Blushheesssss, come eatttaatatataaa!"
(01:15:42 AM) Lilah: Blushes suddenly opens her door, and he's flashed with a rather grey room— except for her corner, which is PINK— She glares at him, "You're mean. I'm not coming down." She shuts the door in his face.
(01:18:10 AM) Felix: He blinks, donning a rather surprised expression. "Pretty please?….B-..Blushes?…Strawberrrryyy? …..Sunny? ….-sighs-" He looks downstairs to make sure the other to aren't watching. "Blushiebee~?"
(01:18:27 AM) Felix: :< "Pretty pretty please?"
(01:19:19 AM) Lilah: /"I'm -NOT- a princess. >=<"/
(01:19:46 AM) Laito|Sam: Sam blinks, "Blushiebee?" he whispers.
(01:21:48 AM) Felix: "Fffffff- pleaseee come out. I'll let you have my blanket for the night!" immediately regretting this decision, giving up his lovely flannel comforter for the night.
(01:22:24 AM) Lilah: She opens the door with a scrunched face, "You think I'm spoiled, don't you!"
(01:22:24 AM) Lilah: Fox chews on her food and looks to Sam, blinking, "…I don't recall them being a couple. ಠ_ಠ"
(01:23:29 AM) Felix: "Uh-..Not quite…. no?" Felix scratches his head.
(01:24:01 AM) ***Laito|Sam holds his hands up, not apart of anything. He goes back into the kitchen.
(01:24:14 AM) Lilah: She gives a cute "Hrmph." and walks past him, headed down stairs.
(01:25:57 AM) ***Felix mouths a silent <Victory!> as he follows behind her smirking.
(01:35:01 AM) Lilah: As the four finish dinner, Fox begins to clean up the table, Blushes now playing her little video game again.
(01:39:03 AM) Felix: Taking a sip from his jug of juice, and placing it back it in the fridge, he inquires, "When's the next run beebs?"
(01:42:20 AM) Lilah: "There was supposed to be a delivery tomorrow, but now I'm rethinking things…" Fox picks up a plate and moves it into the kitchen sink.
(01:44:53 AM) Felix: "Another idle day … that's such a draaaaaaag. Why not just get it done?"
(01:45:52 AM) Lilah: "Hang out with Blushiebee." Fox says, rolling her eyes and grinning. Sunny blinks, blushes, and quickly stands, scurrying up the stairs,
(01:47:09 AM) Felix: /me just stares "…..wha-….you ha-…heard… FUCCCCCCK." he faceplants into the wall.
(01:47:32 AM) ***Felix *…
(01:48:15 AM) Lilah: Fox laughsssss…
(01:51:50 AM) Felix: Dragging himself back up the stairs, to the room on the left, flopping down on what looks to be a messy futon with his blanket on it. "Why does she hear every damned thing I utter -sighhhhhh-"
(01:52:51 AM) Lilah: Fox goes, then, to the coat hanger, and pulls her trench coat off of it. She looks to Sam, "I'm going out."
(01:54:22 AM) Laito|Sam: "Be careful," he says. He's washing dishes.
(01:56:08 AM) Lilah: "Yeah, I'll be good." She heads out the door, and down the stoop— Through an alleyway and to the back of the house, she opens a garage door. A Jeep is there. She quickly gets in the vehicle, starts it, and is off.
(01:58:12 AM) Lilah: Blushes peeks out of her room, and looks around… Then she quickly moves to Felix's door, knocking softly.
(01:59:48 AM) ***Felix 's hand sticks up from under the covers waving her in, mumbling a whole bunch of nonsense that can't be made out.
(02:01:05 AM) Lilah: Sunny slips into the room, and then charges the futon, and— FLOP! she body-tackles the covers.
(02:03:45 AM) Felix: "YEEEEEEEHEH, owwie" he yelps from under the covers, "what're ya doin' tacklin' me for?"
(02:09:01 AM) Lilah: She lays on top of him, "I'm a princess, and you're my throne now~"
(02:10:09 AM) Felix: Lowering his blanket down to his chin with an eyebrow raised, "That so, huh?"
(02:14:36 AM) Lilah: "Yup." She suddenly plops her butt down on his stomach, "You asked for it."
(02:15:26 AM) Felix: "Uhff" he lets out. "N-nooo…
(02:15:32 AM) Felix: "
(02:16:13 AM) Lilah: "I'm a little princess, right?" She starts playing with her hand-held game thingy again.
(02:17:19 AM) ***Felix grabs Sunny from behind his blanket and rolling the both of them over onto their sides. "Tsk tsk hehe, nonsense."
(02:18:00 AM) Lilah: "ACKH." She puckers out her lips, and holds her game up, suddenly laying. BLUUUSSHH, "You said!"
(02:19:01 AM) Felix: "I didn't say a darn thing" he smirks poking at her nose
(02:19:49 AM) Lilah: "PPSSSH!" Beep. Beeepboopboop. She died. :< "I hate this game anyway." She shuts the game device.
(02:23:22 AM) Felix: Grabbing the blanket, and letting it fall down on the two of them, he says "Now now, you can pick that thing up again tomorrow, its a troublesome little bit anyway~"
(02:24:14 AM) Lilah: Blushes cheeks blush deeper, and she jabs him in the side, "YOU. ARE. A. FLIRT."
(02:26:29 AM) ***Felix winces, except he can't help but laugh at the accusation, "Am not! Hehe. Besides, you didn't object."
(02:29:06 AM) Lilah: The girl rolls over onto her stomach, and rests her head in her hands, "Uh oh, the Pedobear is on the loooseee" She grins.
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(02:33:32 AM) Felix: "FFFF Am not!" he rolls over to face the opposite direction
(02:35:46 AM) Lilah: Sunny giggles that charming Sunny giggle and pokes his back. She moves her hand back to supporting her head, and then thinks for a moment, her face melting slowly into seriousness… "You know, I get worried when you take those Teks."
(02:38:15 AM) Felix: Turning back over to face her he donned a rather upset face, "Its like I've told your sister, I rarely ever use them casually. Mostly when the job requires it, or … other… sticky situation."
(02:38:52 AM) Lilah: "You took 'em last night, though… You didn't -need- to…"
(02:40:45 AM) Felix: Felix looks down at his chest where the piece of stone-like material that is Glacial was implanted and sighs… "I know… Guh, I do, but Step is alright as long as I have enough to counteract it."
(02:41:00 AM) Felix: "You see the way I drink that damned juice," he laughes
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(02:42:47 AM) Lilah: Sunny doesn't seem quite as amused. She gently shuts her eyes… "Just, don't be stupid."
(02:45:20 AM) Felix: Feeling rather sullen, her wriggles his arms around Sunny's tiny frame. "When am I ever?~"
(02:45:27 AM) Felix: He*
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(02:55:25 AM) Felix [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(02:56:46 AM) Lilah: "…A lot." She says with a nod, and then blushes, turning her head away, "What am I, you GIIIRRRLLLfriend?"
(02:58:13 AM) Felix: "If not a terribly large human pillow" he closes his eyes leaning his head into said pillow
(03:00:41 AM) Lilah: "GACK— Hey!" Poof cheeks.
(03:01:49 AM) ***Felix begins to poke her sides, effectively tickling.
(03:03:49 AM) Lilah: She screams, and then giggles, kicking, "NOO!!"
(03:09:34 AM) Felix: He stops wriggling closer, as if she were a stuffed animal to cuddle, "Torture finished~"
(03:15:48 AM) Lilah: Sunny huffs at him, and pushes him off, rolling over and standing, with a smile. "You sleep ~alone~"
(03:17:49 AM) Felix: Pulling has hands to his chest dramatically, acting as though he'd been shot. "I can't…. g-go on…." chuckling
(03:19:58 AM) Lilah: Sunny shakes her head and waves her hand, "I'm goin' to bed." She prances toward the door.
(03:26:39 AM) Felix: "I'm sure you are" he sings with sarcasm, "I know I am~
(03:26:47 AM) Felix: ", he rolls back over.
(03:29:06 AM) Lilah: "Night night~ <3" Sunny walks from the room, and shuts the door behind her. She then sighs, fanning her cheek slightly… "~Boys.~" She huffs to herself, and scoots on over to her room.
(03:29:47 AM) Laito: Sam is asleep on the recliner downstairs.
(03:33:33 AM) ***Felix waits a few moments to make sure no one's stirring about, before grabbing his keys and helmet. Reaching for his jacket, he places the pocket cooler back inside the lining, grabbing a small package that was beneath it. Sticking a slip of paper reading "OuT" inside the door, he slid down the stairs and went for a ride on his dear Lydia~

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