Sasaki Yamato

Player Name



Sasaki Yamato



Personality Traits

Polite: Sasaki is calm, professional, and polite to most, always ready to spread the benevolence of her former lord, the Prince. She does carry his ideals, though, and her tolerance for crime, violence towards innocents, and cruelty is nil.

Professional: Sasaki is well trained, being in excellent physical condition and possess a wide variety of man to man combat experience, along with formal training in battlefield theory.

Huge: For a woman, Sasaki is quite large, being just over six feet and made of lithe muscle and scars.

Eyes Always Shut: The Yamato family has a peculiar habit of speaking with their eyes closed.


Ambidexterity: 4

Athleticism: 4

Swordwork: 3

Two Swords: 4

Forestry: 2

Tracking: 2


Personal History

Born to a poor couple in the Higashian capital, the Yamato family was forced to give up two of their five children to the care of their grandparents, an elderly couple who lived at the foot of Mount Izuma to the north. Sasaki and Akira Yamato grew well, eventually both learning of the arts of their fox hunter grandfather, a rather dangerous occupation on Izuma. In time, however, both Sasaki and Akira felt a desire to return and meet their parents, and both set up a life in the capital: Sasaki in the military, Akira in the outskirts, doing shady 'business.'


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