Samson McIntosh

Player Name

Infinity Edgy


Samson McIntosh


A hard working, stoic bartender seeking a better life for his family.

Personality Traits

Blood is thicker than water: His family comes first, and no matter what mistakes they make, he will always forgive them… time.

Bull-headed: Once he's set on a goal, he will not allow anyone to step in the way.

Heart of Gold: Every day of his life is a chance to be kind, charitable, and helpful to those in need.

Stonefaced: He is always wearing his poker face, and it's a damn good one.

Fair and Balanced: Any deal with him will be upheld, and all his debts paid.


Fistfighting: 4
Gunfighting (Shotgun): 2
Horse riding: 1
Intimidation: 3
Drink-mixing: 2
Business: 3
Art (Drawing): 2
Negotiation: 2
Construction: 3


Steel Driving Man: Through years of hard work and an undying sense of dedication, He can complete any task of physical labor.

Commanding Attention: When the time comes, He is able to bring his words to the ears of all around him in a booming voice.

Heart of Iron, Skin of Steel: He does not know when to quit, whether the challenge he faces is exhaustion, pain, horror or anguish. Nothing stands between this man and his mission..


One Yamato-custom Axe-Shotgun.
A pocketwatch, with S.M. inscribed on it.
Leather belt adorned with a handmade and somewhat oversized Norton Flag buckle.
Fine quality but worn vested Suit.
Brown leather satchel.
back-mounted Leather custom Axe-Shotgun scabbard.
A fine quality white hankerchief.
A decently full wallet.
Dirty White cloth wrappings around the palms of his hands.
A clean pair of brown leather boots.

Personal History

Samson grew up on the small McIntosh farm with his twin brother Percy and younger sister Abigale somewhere in Norton. The two brothers went off to serve in the Norton military for a short time, before eventually returning home to find their parents at death's door. With Samson's direction and funding, the twins took their sister and what few belongings the McIntosh family owned and headed out to Los Ares for a new life.


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