Sam Bowen


Sam Bowen


Outgoing shootist, all around good guy, Deputy of Los Ares under Catalina York


(Chaotic-)Good Natured: Sam's a nice, charming man who's in it for the joy of things, to have fun, and for everyone to have a good time. He sticks up for the underdog, spares generosity when he's able, and generally disapproves of seedy behavior. He is not, however, above such behavior (no matter how much he insists otherwise) and is susceptible to lying, cheating, stealing, temptation, and all that fun stuff.

Guns & Horses: Sam has been handling small arms and horses since he was a wee lad, and enjoys an intimate familiarity with hand-gunnerie and its associated gun-powderie sciences, as well as creatures of the equine persuasion. His keen skill with explosion-projectile weapons has been paid for by his hands, which are forever scarred with the callouses, burns, and scrapes of dedicated gunfighters.

Savvy: Sam has a fine sense for social balances and danger after many years surviving alone, both among society and in the wilderness. He gets the joke, knows what you mean, doesn't want any trouble, happens to know where you can find that, but sorry, officer, he doesn't know anything about it.

Weak Spot: If there is one thing Sam just cannot handle gracefully, it’s women. When it comes to the ladies, Sam’s characteristic charm seems to trip and bumble. But he’s fine with that. Some times they think he’s cuter for it. But other times, Sam can falter and fuck up, or get it in his head that stupid things are worth the price for helping a woman, in need or not. He’s an easy mark for female liars.


  • The Way of Shining Dawn: 3
  • Short Bladerie: 3
  • Handgunnery: 3
  • Longbores: 2
  • Riding: 4
  • Atheleticism: 3
  • Ropework: 2
  • Triage: 2
  • Scrutiny: 3
  • Subtlety: 3
  • Fooling the Bad Guys: 3
  • Improvising: 3
  • Staying Alive: 4
  • Appearing More Dramatic Than He Is: 2


  • Bad Guy Wrangler: When trouble strikes, Sam would prefer that no one gets hurt. Sam has a knack for delaying imminent violence against himself and others with desperate interruptions in effort to dismantle the situation with bullshit. This usually only works on the dumb ones though. If anything the attempt can serve as a distraction.
  • Drop It!: Sam just loves disarming a man of his weapon with a well placed bullet to the hilt or the hand, and he’s pretty good at it too, even on the draw. Better a bleeding hand than a bleeding victim.
  • Shining Dawn Rising: Of Light and Metal, the Way that is Known is the Way that can be Shone. A Sun, rising; her Moon, setting. He will take Her Light and cast it down, and the Dark of the Mind will be obliterated. When fighting with the Shining Dawn Style, Sam uses this technique to temporarily distract, dazzle, or even blind opponents up to fifteen paces away with the muzzle flash of his gun directed by the reflection of his mirror-polished wakizashi.


- One old-fashioned Markes & Puller Longnose dueling revolver. An antique, and a dangerously well-made one at that, complete with frame reinforcements and notched muzzle for catching and parrying sharp Higashi blades in close-quarters. It is mounted at a slant on Sam's front, left hip, out of the coat, for a cross draw in his right hand.

- One Duley “Eight-For-Four" 844 Model revolver. A compact style handgun popular for it's self-defense appliques. It features a unique over-and-under style double barrel system and an eight-slot chamber capable of firing four shots of two simultaneous bullets each. Beefy, but effective. Sam wears it on his rear right hip, under the coat.

- One wakizashi. A special piece particular to Sam’s preferred martial art, the blade is blindingly polished to a mirror shine, as is its strange, faceted tsuka. This is a secretive weapon, sheathed upside-down across the left half of Sam's backside under the concealing form of his great leather coat.

- Plain clothes and an old leather duster coat pinned with a deputy’s badge.

Personal History

Sam Bowen, son of a gun. The gun, James, married a field medic named Lorraine and eventually retired to train horses on a nice piece of land where Sam was made into a person. Sam grew up shooting guns and riding horses. That’s the story thus far.


Sam Bowen, after Oliver Bainwell's impeccable work.
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