Reverend Mr Black

Player Name



The Reverend Mr. Black


Preacher, Man In Black

Personality Traits

Sheep Amongst the Wolves: Mr. Black is a preacher following the Great Commission out into the borderlands, in hopes of saving many and showing the kindness of his Lord to all who will see and hear. He loves all, even and especially those who aren't of his folk.

Turn The Other Cheek: Above all else, he is a man of peace, and will seek to insure it and avoid doing any harm. He firmly believes that there is a peaceful solution to every problem. The Reverend will not fight, and would rather die a martyr than live with blood on his hands. This extends even to the point of having given up harsh language.

The Lord, My Rock: The above does not make him a coward by any means, though. Firm in his faith, and confident in his eternal salvation, Black has absolutely no fear of dying. As such, he has absolutely no problem putting himself in life threatening situations if he has even the slightest inkling he may be able to help.

The Man In Black: Over the years, he has seen much sorrow in the lives of others, and bears it with him. He wears the black in mourning for the loves that could've been, and the atrocities in the world around him.


  • Persuasion(exhortation and preaching) 4
  • Listening 4
  • Latin 4
  • Theology 5
  • Medicine(herbal) 3
  • Funeral Rites 3
  • Horseback Riding 3
  • Piano 2


  • Well worn bible, in latin.
  • Crucifix
  • Black shirts
  • Black pants
  • White undershirts
  • Black hat
  • Old, swaybacked mule, "Methuselah"

Personal History

The son of a successful country preacher, James Black found himself with an itch for adventure, to go about like the Prophets and Apostles of old did. So, one day he purchased himself a mule with his paltry savings and set out, unprepared, into the wilderness. The very young man was soon beaten tough as nails through living that was entirely different from what he was expecting.

He did not come through unscathed, and James Black spent long years growing into the man he is today, going through every stage of disillusionment and shock imaginable before coming full circle into what he is today. His mule is now nearing the end of it's life, but is no less faithful to him than he is to his god(which is saying something, considering mules).


Age 23, around 5'11 170lbs. Sunbleached long brown hair, and looking much older than his actual age. His appearance is rough, beaten by the sun and wind akin to the lead and iron forged by Man into the tools of war. Under his hat lie compassionate, soft brown eyes.

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