Remy Dunner

Player Name



Remy Dunner A.K.A Remy Unlucky


Danger Magnet

Personality Traits

Soft Spoken, Cool Head: Remy has learned through experience that even the most tense situations can be defused by a person who thinks hard about what they're going to say and says it with as little aggression as possible. It takes an extraordinary amount of jackassery to get him to raise his voice or lose his temper.

"Now, listen - we've all had a couple of drinks…"

In The Thick of It: Remy has a tendency to find himself embroiled in conflicts that do not involve him, whether or not he actively seeks to avoid trouble. This can prove an advantage sometimes, as his 'bad luck' can lead him to a bounty. Other times, however, it just forces him to be extra careful to not end up dead in a ditch.

"This is ridiculous. I was jus' walkin' down the street. I ain't done nothin'."

Nobody Suspects the Fool: It's a matter of habit at this point for Remy to act like he's a few cards short of a full deck. When people think he's a simpleton, they tend to open up to him more because they don't think there will be any consequence. He's much sharper than he looks, however, and if you tell him something, you'd better believe he'll remember it.

"Math? Ain't never seen no need for math. That's for silly folk who think bein' able to count sheep'll keep food in yer belly."


  • Creating a Distraction: 2
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: 4
  • Taking Cover When Getting Shot At: 3
  • Diplomacy: 2
  • Shooting: 2
  • Doing Odd Jobs: 2


  • Pair of six shooters with hip holsters
  • Rancher hat
  • Glasses
  • Leather wallet
  • Tool Belt complete with a few useful tools

Personal History

Remy Dunner, known as Remy Unlucky to those familiar with what he does as a profession, has always had an odd knack for getting targeted by gangsters, lowlifes, and other sorts of criminal. When he was young, this caused his parents no end of grief and got him into countless scraps and dangerous situations. However, one good thing came of it. It taught him how to defend himself, how to avoid getting killed, and how to cool a situation down when it's about to erupt into gunfire. When he turned 18, he decided it was about time he started using this knack to make some money. Remy became a bounty hunter and made a living capturing and turning in the criminals that he would no doubt bump into just by walking around town. That's not to say it's about the money for him, though. Remy does believe that he's doing some genuine good by catching bad folk and keeping him off the streets. However, he's not all that fond of using completely legitimate methods, either. Remy's no a legend - not even close. But he is still alive, despite everything. That alone speaks volumes about what he is capable of.


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