The Republic of Norton

The Republic of Norton was founded 233 years ago after a conglomeration of peoples from the Eight Kingdoms took to the south seas in order to escape a relentless viral plague. United behind a single man, Willemiah Norton, ten thousand refuges settled on the barren land of Solarid and began its first (and greatest) city, Valentine. 154 years passed before western expansion allowed for the discovery of lush, green land - the Higashian domain. The two very different people lived in relative harmony for almost a decade until conflict inevitably broke out. They say it was a disagreement about hunting privleges that caused the violent rift. Many historians believe that a hunter on either side (it changes from Nortan to Higashian depending on who you ask) was mistakenly killed, and then avenged in cold blood brought on by the suffering of loss. Others tell wildly different stories.

Time eventually made way for complete war, spread out over decades and fought mainly on the safer, less hazardous seasons. Norton's side of Solarid is plagued with drought-heavy summers, while Higashi is subject to monsoons and flooding, making open war only possible for less than half the year, every year. Norton spent its down time developing the sciences. Judathan Powell Krowe, along with several other gifted scientists, developed the first metallic powder charge to be used in his innovative hand-cannon design. Soon after that, the Norton armies were made infamous for their bold, spear-head tactics, with crazed, shouting men wielding cannons of immense power in their hands, the bright red, sun-like muzzle flash of their weapons became a kind of symbol for their cause.

The Empire of Higashi (帝国の東 Teikoku no Higashi)


The Kingdom of Valdova

The Borderlands between Higashi and Norton

  • The dusty lands of the east and the lush lands of the west are separated by a mountian range called Daikukoyama (大黒山) in Higashi. The two countries have only recently been at peace after a long and difficult war with little to show for it. Both nations agreed to a truce on the unclaimed land between them. These days, it seems the Borderlands are an entirely different country, quite different from both Higashi and Norton. The towns tend to be a little more homogenous, and while theres more blatant crime in these ares, the citizens generally have no qualm taking care of it themselves. There is really not a lot law in these places, but as long as people respect their local Sheriff or Keiji, things tend to remain fairly orderly.
  • Only recently has the Transcontinental Railroad made its way to the Borderlands, as per an investment from a private Norton company.

Towns and Cities

Los Ares

  • The main town in which the rp takes place in. Los Ares is a "border city" which sits between the unclear border of the western Empire of Higashi and the eastern Norton Republic. It has no segregation laws, and it's government is weak, based mostly on individual ruling and whenever the sheriff decides it's worth stepping into.


  • Valentine is the capital city of the Republic of Norton.

Okoku (御小衢)

  • Okoku is the capital city of the Empire of Higashi.

Yakina (夜気娜)

  • Yakina is a Higashi-only border city in which the Kun'Yano have a small, but comfortable presence in. Inspector Ida is often seen there taking care of trouble, and trying to get rid of Kun'Yano presence in the town little by little.

Kinoji (生野路)

  • Kinoji is a town high north in Higashi. It's rural, but the center of a group of farming villages which are nearby. Generally, goods are brought into Kinoji for sale elsewhere in Higashi. This town is known for the Kinoji Tsumugi, which is a brightly-colored and sought after fabric for kimono that has a rustic feel.

Places of Note

Beecher's Folly

  • Several years ago William Beecher, a homesteader bought a plot of land sight unseen. When he arrived to the land he had purchased, he found it desolate and utterly unusable. Instead of the fertile soil he'd been promised, there was nothing but acres upon acres of hard, bone-white calcite formations set into a natural hollow in the earth. In the time since, it has become at times a base for various outlaw gangs and hunting parties, as the rock formations that made it impossible to farm or ranch also make it ideal for getting out of the wind.

Kane District (金地区)

  • A district in the Los Ares Higashian side of town. It's a bit of a red-light district, with bars, adult entertainment, and brothels. It is gated off, however, and one must be of age to be able to have access. Generally, women do not go here, and it is suggested that they avoid it, as human-trafficking crime is a good possibility in these places.
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