Percy McIntosh

Player Name



Percy McIntosh


A shifty gunslinger, looking to get rich quick regardless of who he has to hurt.

Personality Traits

Blood is thicker than water: Though loyalty is a mostly foreign concept to him, his siblings are the only people in the world he'd do anything for.

Silver tongued devil: He'll say just about whatever you want to hear for him to get what he wants, just don't expect him to actually mean it.

Eyes full of dollar sign: His leading motivation is to get as much money as he can, consequences be damned.

Hopelessly flirtatious: He'll try his luck with just about any woman he comes across, consequences be twice damned.

Questionable morality: He won't hesitate to use any means to get what he wants, but he doesn't enjoy doing bad things for the sake of being bad.


Gunfighting (pistols): 5
Gunfighting (rifles): 2
Unarmed combat: 1
Knife fighting: 2
Horse riding: 2
Agility: 4
Escape: 3
Salesmanship: 1
Lockpicking: 2
Sleight of hand: 3
Fast hands: 3


Disguise: Often finding himself in trouble around town with forces within the law and outside it, Percy has adopted the art of hiding in plain sight.

High noon: After much practice and a good helping of natural talent, he's managed to master the use of the pistol.

Dirty cheat: He's learned that it pays to never play fair, he'll always look for a way to rig things to be in his favor be it sneaking a card into a poker match or cheap shots and fighting dirty.


Two trusty six shooter revolvers.
A pack of tobacco and cigarette rolling paper.
Old belt with two pistol holsters.
Old worn clothes.
Ammunition bandolier.
Brown duster coat.
Brown Stetson hat.
A pack of playing cards.
Pack of matches.
Pair of brown leather gloves.
Trusty pair of brown cowboy boots.

Personal History

Percy grew up on the small McIntosh farm with his twin brother Samson and younger sister Abigale somewhere in Norton. The two brothers went off to serve in the Norton military for a short time, before eventually returning home to find their parents at death's door. Under the direction of Samson, the twins took their sister and what few belongings the McIntosh family owned and headed out to Los Ares for a new life.


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