Oscar Foule

Player Name



Oscar Foule


Hired gun of no significant repute but with an eerie air. Rode into town a short while ago and has attempted to keep a low profile. Roams Los Ares most evenings as if searching for something or someone.

Personality Traits

Scarred Reputation: An unfortunately visible, and ghastly scar across his face predisposes folks to all kinds of rumor-mongering-as such he is careful to keep from drawing any attention from the law in places he passes through whenever possible. Taciturn but polite, for what little good it does him.

Dead Drunk: On the evenings he isn't stalking through Los Ares he finds a bar near his rented room, sits and drinks the daylight away. Quietly, and without causing a fuss, though he typically lingers until closing and traipses off for bed. Has yet to cause or get in any trouble.

Hard eyes, soft touch: Despite his menacing visage and cold demeanor, for whatever reason Oscar tends to be agreeable with those who approach him in earnest need of aid.


  • Gunshoot: 2
  • Knifery(Fighting): 2
  • Death grip: 3
  • Horseback: 3
  • Unusual Fortitude: 5
  • Stalking: 4
  • Drinking: 4


  • Feat Name: Feat description


  • Horse
  • Gun
  • Manacles
  • Dusty, well worn clothing.

Personal History

Small time gunman turned wanderer before his string of jobs could turn into a 'career' and the persistent notoriety that came along with it. Has come to Los Ares with an as yet unknown purpose, and a dwindling cache of funds. Fluctuates between seeming driven and despairing.


5'11, lean, and muscular.

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