Nathaniel Danvers

Player Name



Nathaniel Danvers




Minor character


Personality Traits

Sluggish socialite: Not at all prone to haste, and will often engage in drawn out, sedate, meandering conversations with any he encounters. Lends an impression of slight loneliness.
Homebody: Aside from excursions to and fro for his work where he gathers supplies, and wares to sell, Nathaniel spends much of his time in his store, the back rooms of which also serve as his home. When not inside, he is at work in the garden he keeps in his backyard.
Grieving Gardener: His ex-wife's grave is tucked into a corner of the garden in his backyard where he can maintain it-which he does as regularly as he does his gardening.


  • Gardening: 4
  • Shopkeeping: 3
  • Patience: 5


  • Feat Name: Feat description


  • Things
  • Stuff

Personal History

Initially moved out to Los Ares with his newly married wife Gloria. Unfortunately she succumbed to tuberculosis on the journey and passed away. After burying his wife in Los Ares he started the life he intended to share with her. For the past six or so years he has been the owner and proprietor of Gloria's Garden, an apothecary where most of the herbs and remedies he stocks are grown in the backyard. The establishment also functions as his home.


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