Name: "Mouse"

Age: 18

"Position": Thief


  • Sleight of Hand: 4
  • Evasion: 2
  • Escape: 3
  • Stealth: 4
  • Lock-Picking: 3

Inventory of Possessions:

  • One Zippo Lighter.

Notable Character Traits:

  • Shy: Mouse keeps himself to himself.
  • Master Thief: Mouse is an excellent pickpocket and generally an excellent thief, if you can keep him in one place.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Flight or Flight: Mouse is an unstable, jittery person. His usual response to even a safe situation is to run away, or hide. He isn't a fighter by choice.
  • St-st-stammer: Mouse gets very nervous, very easily. This can lead to stammering, mumbling, and other side effects.
  • One Trick Rodent: Mouse has only really honed his thievery skills. Anything else he's pretty much useless at. Don't ask him to cook you dinner.


A short, wiry boy, Mouse is rarely seen and even more rarely heard. A quiet, paranoid guy, his upbringing on the harsh streets of the city taught him very quickly that the best response to a dangeruos situation is to get out of there - quickly.
Mouse never was given a name. An orphan in the most clich├ęd of ways, he earned the nickname "Mouse" thanks to his skittish, quiet attitude, although some people prefer to call him "Rat" if they're feeling exceptionally nasty.
It was as a child, spurred on by bullies, that he learned that he was pretty damn good at relieving people of their worldly possessions, whether that be their wallets, watches, or even their TVs.
However, even while he has been blessed with these skills, he has never managed to truly escape from poverty, partly down to a lack of greed, but mostly down to the fact that people usually beat him up and take his stuff.


Original: Lazy War Zone by Matt Rhodes.

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