Missions And Goals

Current Missions and Goals go in this section, of course! Finished missions or Goals will be stamped with RESOLVED.


Endangered Flower

  • Hana Tokoya is being actively pursued by the Kun'yano, a very widely-known and corrupt crime syndicate from the Empire of Higashi. Like a parasite, they are difficult to get rid of entirely, and they do not forget debts.
  • The Kun'yano are dangerous, and will do everything in their power to get what they want.
  • It seems the Kun'yano have earned the wrath of the royal family enough for them to declare all-out war upon them in the streets of Higashi. This has delayed any search for Hana, and may be the end of their problem.

Bad Princess

  • A Valdovan noble, Andrai Maklakov, is looking for one Natalia Alisa Aleksandria Kologrivova IV, the run away Crown Princess of Valdova. He claims that she has committed quite a few crimes, including treason and murder.
  • It turns out that Catalina is this princess. She is currently posing as the deputy of Los Ares and keeping an eye on the situation with Leonard Holliday in an attempt to escape Andrai for good.
  • Andrai is currently looking for Natalia in another town, so the problem has been given a temporary solution.


Laughter in the Night

  • The Town of Los Ares is being terrorized by, supposedly, the Laughing Man. Who is he? What can be done about him?
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