Millie Averill

Player Name



Sheriff Millie Averill




Fine Los Ares Lady-Sheriff; Calm, trustworthy, and fair.

Personality Traits

Lady Justice: Millie has a strong sense of justice and fairness, and it's hard to get her to go against that. She considers things in fair measure, and thinks before she acts. She wants to help you out, and she takes no pleasure in throwing someone in a cell. However, she won't let you step all over her, and her kindness can be balanced out with a firm hand that is ready to deliver a strike where needed.

Like the back of my hand: Millie grew up in Los Ares, and knows pretty much everyone in it. She is trusted by the townsfolk and knows the town like the back of her hand.

Ain't lookin' forward to what's next: In an unexpected position, Millie was fairly low on the totem pole when it came to the position of Sheriff. However, after a particularly nasty gang has made their move, killing a number of lawmen in the process, the woman shot to the top of the ranks— not that there are any ranks left. She inherits a sheriff's office without any deputies to speak of.


  • Gunshoot: 4
  • Horseback: 3
  • Knifery (Fighting): 2
  • Knifery (Utility): 3
  • Ropework: 2
  • Manhandling and Fisticuffs: 2
  • Granny's Old Cookin': 5


  • This Ain't Nothin!: Millie has an incredibly high pain tolerance, and when it comes down to it, she'll do everything in her power to get the job done, even if it kills her. The shock of pain doesn't last long, and generally she seems to be capable of avoiding the panic that follows.


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Personal History

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