Mikiko Suenaga

Player Name

Lilah Novi


Mikiko Suenaga


Shy Higashi Maid of Ophelia Giovanna.

Personality Traits

Yes sir, No Sir: Mikiko is impeccably polite and courteous— it’s not just an act though, it’s who she is. This also makes her a bit of a doormat, and she’s rather passive because of it.

Could you speak up?: Mikiko is incredibly shy and speaks very softly, often with her hand over her mouth. While she is very skilled at the Norton language, she is not completely fluent, and this can cause trouble.


  • Maiding: 4
  • Demure: 5
  • Cooking and cleaning: 3
  • …More to come.


  • ????: ????


  • Coming Soon…

Personal History

Mikiko was born in Yakina.
She is currently in the employ of Ophelia Giovanna as a house maid.


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