Melvin Rosefir

Player Name



Melvin Rosefir(And not a bounty hunter who goes by Levka)


Valdovan Book-Keeper(who is absolutely not a part time bounty hunter)

Personality Traits

Desperado Soul: Deep down in the core of his being, part of Melvin yearns for freedom, and isolation. To be unshackled, and free of of everything. Rules. Society. Most often he jsut wants a few weeks from away from his wife. He takes the latter in the form of completely legitimate business trips.


  • Shooting: 3
  • Coordination: 4
  • Disguise Artist: 4
  • Book-Keeping: 3
  • Horsemanship: 3
  • Athletics: 3
  • Shoddy Husbandry: 5


  • Feat Name: Feat description


  • Things
  • Stuff

Personal History

A book-keeper moved from Valdova. Occasionally Errant Husband to Mrs. Rosefir.


About 5'7". Lean, athletic. Rather well tanned for a valdovan. And especially for a book-keeper.
Absolutely doesn't look like this man in a neat, and well made gray suit with glasses

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