Melanie Rosefir

Player Name



Melanie Rosefir


No nonsense teacher

Personality Traits

Unflappable: Melanie spends most of her day corralling 'rambunctious' (Read: Fucking terrible) children. She more often then not exudes an unamused, if not necessarily disapproving aura. Keeps her head n stressful situations remarkably well.

Just a little frigid: Can be rather acidic in her speech and manner, when she wants to be, and occasionally when she doesn't mean to. Not good at socializing at all.

Smoking Teacher: Takes no small amount of pleasure in her appearance, and knows how to dress to enhance her image as a pretty lecturer, without coming off as indecent. Also smokes. It's not good for her, but she cant help it after some days…


  • Child-wrangling: 4
  • Being pretty: 3
  • Being frigid and stern: 4
  • Teaching: 3
  • Treating ouches: 3
  • Corporal punishment!: 5


  • Feat Name: Feat description


  • Clothes
  • School stuff
  • Wedding band

Personal History

Melanie is an estranged ex-housewife, living alone, as her husband, an idiotic and terribly inept 'bandit'(As pictured above) ran off, right after quitting his job as a book-keeper, and her.


Melanie. Five feet, five inches, slim build, weight is somewhere between 115-120 pounds.

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