Masa Amaya

Player Name



Masa Amaya


Out of luck legend chaser

Personality Traits

And All the Same to You, Chief: Masa is polite, well-meaning, and generally an alright person to be around. However, she is excitable and overbearing when she starts to sniff something out, and her rough manner of speech rarely wins her favors with her rather traditional countrymen.

Nothing New Today, Boss: Masa's dream is to be a writing and reporter - unfortunately, she rarely has any luck with it. She's gotten rather good at quickly swallowing her pride in order to preserve her job.

They Called Her Sir: Raised by a woman who didn't care much for her society's view on gender roles, Amaya carries her mother's ideals on her shoulders. Her dress and speech is masculine most of the time, and she treats both men and women with equal respect.

Last Writes: Amaya's old boss at the Daily Star sent her down to Los Ares after the Laughing Man. "Kid, you bring me back proof of that thing's existence, and I'll give you *my* job." Amaya simply smiled smugly, withdrew everything in her account, and got on the first train west. She won't be made a fool of.


  • Ear to the Ground: 4
  • An Eye for Details: 3
  • Spin Detection: 2
  • Spin Docter: 2
  • Story Chasing: 1


  • 'Hotaru', lucky pen
  • Oranges, oh dear.

Personal History

Aaah, Little Edo! The biggest little town this side of Solarid. Never a finer plot of sin and saintry (that's a word, don't give me that look) has ever existed, chief, I'm telling you. It's a great place, if you don't mind all those new gas lights and the constant yelling - always someone is yelling, for some reason. Yelling about their wares, yelling about their luck, yelling about their bodies (and if they're for sale or not) - well, can you blame a girl for listening? Nine Hells, I know more about the regulars of that town then they do, I'm pretty sure. I should write a book. I'd call it…"Fear and Loathing…" Hm. No, no, that won't sell.

Anyway…where was I. Right, Little Edo. If you haven't figured it out yet, yours truly is from there. Got my start holding my mum's skirt hems as she sold oranges out of a cart. Always with the oranges. I smelled like citrus day in and day out.


Extra extra.
I never could afford nicer clothes…
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