Kirika Takahashi

Player Name



Kirika Takahashi


The Town Doctor, Surgeon, and Mad Scientist all in one.

Personality Traits

Ah, yes, how interesting!: Whatever catches her eye, well, one can eb just as nervous being her friend as her enemy. Any attention from her is equally dangerous and obsessive, especially if she wants to experiment. This also means she is difficult to scare or disturb, since her first response is fascination.

You wouldn't hurt me, right?: Kirika uses her petite body and demure demeanor to prevent herself from suspicion or trouble, underneath which lies her wild streak, prone to flights of intense fancy and reckless abandon for any conventional rules or cultural proprietary. Even if she's caught, she knows how to behave clueless enough that people can't bear to oust her from their social circles.

A Nose For Science: Kirika is known best for her near encyclopedic knowledge of all herbs, poisons, natural and unnatural sources of any sort of thing in the world possible to be made. She's smart as a whip, and knows how to hurt with it.


  • Natural Scavenging: 4
  • Holding Liquor: 0
  • Self Defense: 2
  • Medical Care: 4
  • Alchemy??: 5
  • Organization: 0
  • Persuasiveness: 3
  • Ambition: 5
  • Calligraphy: 1


  • TBD: TBD


  • Lab
  • Beakers
  • Bandages and medical things
  • Small gun for self defense
  • Small knife for self defense
  • paper and paintbrush and ink for notes

Personal History

Kirika came in after an unknown difference of "philosophical treatment of patients" from a large medical-based university in Higashi. She comes from some wealth, and has opened a fairly clean clinical office in the Higashi part of town, where she also is rumored to hold an experimental lab in her basement. She's probably the best doctor in town… but… you can never quite be sure of her treatments.


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