Jules Fernly

Player Name



Jules Fernly


Upbeat Gravedigger

Personality Traits

Candied Lilac: Persistently bubbly, and sweeter then you'd perhaps think a gravedigger would be.
Purple Prose: Waxes poetically about strange and dubious tales, his favorite of which is explaining why his hair is the vivid shade of purple it is.
Shrinking Violet: Despite his amicable, and effervescent nature when presented with aggression or conflict, Jules is loathe to engage in kind, and is most often quite useless.


  • Shoveling: 4
  • Spinning Yarn: 3
  • Subtlety: 3
  • Schmooze: 3
  • Servantry: 3
  • Aggression: 0


  • Feat Name: Feat description


  • Shovel
  • Gravedigging outfit
  • A cat named Lime.

Personal History

Left his family's farm to seek his fortune at 16 with little more filling his pockets then optimism. Though older now and with many odd and arcane tales under his belt from the work he does, Jules' pockets continue to fizz and spill over with cheeriness.


5'8, slim, pale, likes to dress in purple when not in his gravedigging outfit.
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