Juki Yamato

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Juki Yamato


A gentle-hearted ex-military gunsmith that would very much prefer to be left alone to her own devices so that she can simply be in the world, but will not object to socializing or customers.

Personality Traits

Bad Sense of Business: Juki’s ability to appraise is laughable at best, causing her to lose more money than she’d normally make in her business, and leading to her other job.

Boys & Girls Becoming Samurai: Juki has a soft spot for children that dream or fantasize about being warriors. She can always keep adventurous kids entertained and is often found as a mentor by young adults seeking to enlist.

Experienced Tranquility: Juki has patience for any and all kinds of people. Especially children and idiots, but there’s only a slight difference between those two. Juki losing her cool is only a rare occasion that usually only happens after spilling food or drink.

Gentle Determination: Juki withstands discomfort and pain as long as it means that others don’t have to worry about her. Needing assistance due to her wounded shoulder only saddens her.

Masterless Now and Forever: Juki does not seek to be indebted to anyone, nor to be lorded over. She no longer cares for neither Higashi's nor Norton's political interests and simply wishes to live carefree and happy.

Minor Celebrity: Juki has found minor fame in Los Ares. Most people recognize Juki, but only as the town’s gunsmith, for her previous service for Norton, for the extreme quality of her craft, or for being a waitress at the Brushfire saloon. When recognized for her military service, it may be for better or worse.

Scars of Warfare: The round that put an end to Juki’s military career took not just her dreams, but also plenty of blood and sinew. Juki has a large scar on her right shoulder, making heavy weights unbearable after too long. Thankfully for her, she’s left-handed.

Vices of the Sweet Drink: Juki has both a penchant for alcohol as well as a sweet tooth for candy. Often, she likes to indulge in both, and will only infrequently say no to being offered alcoholic candy.


  • Gunsmithing: 5
  • Drinking: 5
  • Virtuous Patience: 4
  • Rifles: 4
  • Really Long Blades: 4
  • Storytelling: 3
  • Battlefield Tactics: 3
  • Logistics: 3
  • General Smithing: 3
  • Athleticism: 2
  • Martial Arts: 2
  • Cooking: 1
  • Customer Service: 1
  • Finances: 1
  • Being in a Hurry: 0
  • Close Quarters Weapons: 0


  • A Unique Craft: Firearms made by Juki are well balanced pieces of work. Often made entirely of tough, yet light steel alloys and little to no wood; a very rare practice in these times. Juki's firearms also feature an advanced form of rifling to increase a weapon’s accuracy and effective range.
  • Did I Do That?: Just about the only social finesse Juki holds, revolves around spilling drinks on people she dislikes, while convincing them that it was an accident.
  • Field Strip: And not the clothing kind. If Juki has a firearm in her hands and a screwdriver, then she can disassemble its firing mechanism in seconds flat.
  • Saint of Sword and Rifle: Having been trained in far reaching weapons, Juki maintains efficient positioning between her and most enemies in order to cover her weakness in close quarters, and to take full advantage of her arsenal.


  • A small arsenal of custom firearms that were never collected after payment
  • Bag of alcoholic candies
  • Big Iron: Juki’s gunsmithing business and home, located on the outskirts of Los Ares. A must stop for traveling gun enthusiasts and frequented by people of high rank or status looking to commission guns that denote them as such. It’s not unheard of for Juki to, sometimes, forge simple guns for home defense for families that desperately need them.
  • Heaven’s Reach: A custom made Tanegashima rifle that has been modernized. Made of a lightweight steel alloy rather than wood, has an internal magazine built into it, its matchlock mechanism has been replaced to make it a bolt-action firearm, chambers .30-30 Winchester rounds, and has been outfitted with a recoil pad.
  • Kamikaze: Juki’s nodachi from her time in service to Norton’s armed forces as a shock trooper when it was issued to her as a sick joke. The blade is well maintained and kept to a mirror polish. A rumor in Juki’s division spoke that the wind followed wherever her blade went.
  • Old Military Uniform
  • Waitress uniform

Personal History

Born in the Empire of Higashi, Juki was raised in a military household with her father being a swordsman in Higashi’s forces. At least until he defected and the family was forced to flee to Norton during Juki’s childhood. Even after fleeing, Juki never gave up her dream of becoming a general, and enlisted in Norton’s forces once she became 18. Once in her regiment, she was issued a nodachi as a sick joke for being from Higashi, and due to the weapon being larger than her person. To the dismay of her quartermaster, the unwieldy blade found her renown instead. She continued in the service of Norton until the age of 28 when she was discharged at the rank of Sergeant First Class due to a round that tore through her right shoulder during what Juki loves to call an "offensive retreat".

While in service of Norton, Juki was taught how to construct firearms in order to help arm her regiment. Working at the forge felt like the only time she was free to focus on other things and to reflect on life while tempering and folding steel. After she was put out of military service due to her injury, she could no longer follow her dreams of being a general, and happily returned to gunsmithing after settling down in Los Ares. Business has been harsh on her, though. What she had in military strategy and resource allocation, she severely lacked in financial and business know-how. Despite how much she yearned to be free of employers and lords, this led to her moonlighting as a waitress in her local saloon.

Now, Juki dreams of maybe owning a small farm or ranch when she grows old.


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