Jesse O'Connell

Player Name



Jesse O'Connell


'Retired' Railroad Worker, Strongman

Personality Traits

I Don't Have A Problem: It's true. Jesse, doesn't have a drinking problem, he has it all figured out. In fact, to Jesse, it might even be the solution to the entire equation. If he had to choose a past time, he'd probably have a drink to think it over, then go drink with one of his friends to ask their opinion, then he'd buy a girl a drink and ask her what she thought, then he'd choose drinking.

Laugh It Off: Jesse isn't about to let anything ruin his good time, not a bullet, not a broad, and not the bottom of a glass. Jesse is in what seems like a constant state of happiness, even when he's angry, mostly do to that smirk he sports everywhere.

Happy To Help: Jesse always has time to stop and help someone that needs it. Call him a softy if you want, but something about helping people makes him feel like he's doing some good. Besides, there's no better way to make friends than to lend a hand where it's needed, right?

"Lady's Man": Jesse, while an extreme gentleman, has a slight problem when it comes to overly attractive women. He's not a player by any means, he's just very eager to converse with a beautiful girl. Maybe even flirt a bit. He actually ended up in Los Ares because of a girl, but he's not about to tell anyone that.

Challenge Accepted: Jesse isn't one to say no to a challenge, especially when he knows he can win. Some people even say he's competitive, but he'd bet a horse they're full of it. He'd lose.

Papa Bear: Jesse tries to make friends where ever he goes, and when he does make friends, he does what he can to keep those friends happy. So, say, if someone tried to make one of his friends sad, well he just couldn't stand by and let that happen, could he? No, no he couldn't.


  • Horseback: 2
  • Endurance: 3
  • Restraining People: 2
  • Intimidating Badguys 2
  • Drunken Ape Technique: 4
  • Strength (Non-Fighting): 4
  • Brawling: 3
  • Shotgunnery: 2
  • Evasion: 1
  • Conversing/Charisma: 2
  • Alcohol Poisoning Resistance: 4



  • "Styer" - A 10 gauge coach gun Jesse borrowed from a previous job after he got a little to attached. Usually kept holstered on his person.
  • Various Work Clothes
  • "Church Clothes"
  • Hide Wallet
  • Leather Knapsack
  • Flask
  • Straight Razor

Personal History

Jesse rolled into town after he was prematurely 'retired' from his job on the railroad. He had been with the rest of the railway workers, laying track, putting down railroad spikes, and eventually finding a nice job under the foreman as security for the workers and supervisors alike.

This was all great for Jesse, but he had already set his mind on something much more important to him than some cushy job with the railroad company. He had set his mind on a woman, a very beautiful woman Jesse had set his eyes on since his first day there. It was the foreman's wife, and she found a liking for Jesse in time as well. The story went like it always does; They started seeing each other secretly, then they got daring which excited them, and eventually they got sloppy.
Jesse wasn't fired right then and there though, he was to important to the railroad for him to just be sent off for the foreman's personal grudge. He was fired, however, after the foreman called his wife a whore and Jesse punched him in the nose until it broke. It took four men to pull him off of the foreman, but he didn't hit any of them once he was up. He just nodded to each of them, collected his stuff, and left without anymore trouble.

Now he's in Los Ares.


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