Introduction July 9

(12:57:52 AM) Lilah: Heavy breaths filled the air as a small, pink-haired girl scrambled through the dark streets, running from what was close enough behind her to make any girl around here scared. High Tekheads, looking for something to play with. The girl ran in the direction she was always told to go by her sister if she ever ran into some serious trouble. The light from an open garage shined out into the dark street, "MISTER HARRIS—!" the young girl's voice cried out within distance, the voices and fast foot steps of the thugs right behind her.
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(01:02:08 AM) Lilah: the young girl's voice cried out within distance, the voices and fast foot steps of the thugs right behind her.
(01:07:41 AM) Big-T: In the huge garage, an enormous man peered out from behind a motor bike. There were several other men too, 'enthusiasts' of the riding game, we'll call them. Big T Harris and all of his weight lumbered to the door of the garage toward the scream with a huge monkey wrench in hand.
(01:11:24 AM) Lilah: The familiar, small, pink-haired female quickly ran into the much bigger man, her hands on his arm as she looked behind her, "There's stupid Tekheads!" She gulps.
(01:11:24 AM) Lilah: Suddenly, around the corner, three wiry, dirty men stopped in their tracks… The one in the middle glaring daggers, "This chick's in with THOSE guys…" He mumbles to his partners.
(01:14:10 AM) ***Big-T looked up at the men. "Yeah," he agreed. "THESE guys. Unless you want to be ratchet dragged down the street with yer pecker shoved in yer throat, I kindly suggest you fuck off before I beat you to death with my wrench." It doesn't matter if threats from Bit T makes sense or not. The casual manner in which he deliveries threats of violence is /scary/.
(01:15:06 AM) Lilah: "Fuck you man! You gettin' in our business!" The middle one yells shakily.
(01:17:21 AM) Big-T: "Nah, fella, yer gettin' in my business. And the business of some really angry fucks with no discretion in ass-ends." The other men in Harri's garage amble out into the street. Yeah, Big T just called them gay, but they know he's bullshiting. Either way neither of the dangerous bikers have any kind of qualm in senselessly beating a few tekkies.
(01:19:50 AM) Lilah: "Betta' not see ya again, ya bitch!" one of them flicks up both middle fingers. Sunny pouts an angry face out, "Screw off!!"
(01:19:50 AM) Lilah: The three scrawny men quickly turn and start heading off, throwing insults at the bikers as they scurry off into an alley.
(01:21:37 AM) Big-T: One of the bikers from Big T's shop speaks up, "Ah, -fuck- this.." he hops on his loud motor bike and chases the tekkies down the street. Bit T pats the girl on the head. "Y'alright darlin'?"
(01:23:03 AM) Lilah: You can hear the high-pitched screams of the skinny men in the distance. Sunny blinks and smiles to T, "Yeah." She then looks a bit troubled, "Ash isn't going to be happy with me going out this late." Uneasy face.
(01:25:32 AM) Big-T: "You can tell that skinny bitch that she can deal with it, eh?" Big T is light-hearted. He's called Ashton worse things while meaning better. "Come on, I'll walk ya home. Mind the shop, boys." Grunts as the men filter back into the garage.
(01:26:46 AM) Lilah: "I can call. You don't hafta." She follows the larger man with a smile.
(01:28:15 AM) Big-T: "Well, alright then, you wanna drink while you wait? Them tekfucks like to creep around, don't they?"
(01:30:53 AM) Lilah: "They're gross." She says with a grimace, as she starts for his shop, and pulls out her cellphone… Who to call? She then looks to T, "Oh, no, I'm okay. :>" FelixC, then. She rings him.
(01:37:56 AM) FelixC: Felix looks behind his shoulder holding the bike steady as he's heading downhill on the steep stretch of highway, no package tonight, just a relaxing ride. Turning his head back to the speedometer he hears the ringtone for his phone playing in the back of his helmet. Tapping the side of it to answer.
(01:39:01 AM) ***Big-T ambles into the garage with the fella's to let Sunny call.
(01:39:45 AM) Lilah: <Felix, shut up! It's Blushes!> She says with a hrumph.
(01:42:01 AM) FelixC: The man's face goes awkwardly blank as he stumbles over his words <….. O-oh… Hey there deary! Heh. Why're getting a hold of me this late? You should be in bed… hell, I should be in bed.>
(01:43:35 AM) Lilah: <I got chased by rapists.> She says that rather casually. Oh, Sunny. -__- <Pick me up. I'm at Big T's.> :>
(01:45:12 AM) FelixC: <Sweety… T's? I'm all the way on the other end of slums, well into the second or third district :[>
(01:45:41 AM) Lilah: <Well then you're stupid!! >:[>
(01:47:39 AM) FelixC: Felix shakes his head, he forgets how… demanding she can be. <I can be there in twenny-ish minutes if I use a little step -sigh- I taking it that Ash has no clue, does she?>
(01:49:50 AM) Lilah: <Of course not. She won't either! :> > She looks at her fantastic new strawberry necklace. Totally worth it.
(01:51:48 AM) Big-T: "…-fuckin' Tekhead runs up to Miles and *SLAMS* him in the face with a rock and busts his nose open…" Big T is in the middle of one of his stories…
(01:52:59 AM) FelixC: Pulling over to the shoulder of the road he removes a pocket sized cooler from the lining of his jacket, <…Of course, Blushiebee. We don't need anymore juice do we?> making sure no one drank the last of his orange juice.
(01:53:44 AM) Lilah: Blushes thinks, <No. Unless Ashton drank it to spite you for any reason. Have you gotten on her nerves lately?>
(01:56:39 AM) ***FelixC pulls out a cylindrical container filled with neon green liquid, 2 prongs from the end, arranging it in his hand so that he can pull up his pant leggings <We'll find out, won't we haha.>
(01:57:31 AM) FelixC: protruding from*
(01:57:41 AM) Lilah: <See you soon! <3 > Click! Blushes wanders back into the shop. "I called Felix."
(01:57:53 AM) ***Big-T and the others are roaring with laughter by this point while T struggles to go on, "AND HE- HE PICK UP DAT REFRIGERATOR, FUCKIN SEVEN FEET TALL PICKS UP THE WHOLE GODDAMNED REFRIGERATOR AND- AND HE…"
(01:58:40 AM) Lilah: Blushes stands there with a smile that says 'wow, I came in at the wrong time.'
(02:01:53 AM) FelixC: Shoving the prongs into his right calf, Felix winces, letting out a little yelp. Keep his eyes shut he rolls the container back into the cooler, sliding it back into his jacket lining. "I better have some fucking juice left."
(02:02:52 AM) Big-T: "-RIGHT OFF THE GODDAMNED ROOF." The others are -wailing- with laughter. "SEVEN STORIES," T summons a frighteningly hilarious force of sound, "*WHHAMMM* THE THING GOES /THROUGH/ THE HOOD OF THE GUY'S TRUCK, AND WE'RE JUST FUCKING STANDIN' THERE-…"
(02:03:29 AM) Lilah: Blushes grins at the old-man talk and goes to the fridge in the back of the garage, rummaging through it.
(02:03:59 AM) Big-T: It's the same fridge. ._.
(02:04:20 AM) ***FelixC 's legs begin to convulse, his veins radiating with a green tint. Revving the bike, he burns out and opens his eyes, irises turning the same bright green as the liquid. "FUCKING JUICE!" he yells, hitting 170 going back up the hill.
(02:04:29 AM) Lilah: She stares at it. It's all dented up. Is it working..?
(02:08:39 AM) Big-T: Big T's voice is up high as he struggles to keep talking through the hilarity, "and- and he walks up the edge of the roof and shout to the guy, 'THERE'S YOUR FUCKING RENT MONEY YOU COCKSUCKER!'" T loses it and laughs mightily at the memory.
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(02:18:06 AM) FelixC: Screeching from the brake-pads can be heard from blocks away, the motor sounding like it wants to give way under the strain. Peering back at the building he passed, Felix realized not only did he over-shoot his turn, but that he remember buying more juice from the grocery that morning. Grinning he whipped through an alley, sliding at an angle through it.
(02:19:10 AM) Lilah: Blushes is rummaging through the fridge, until she hears the screeching, and looks up.
(02:20:24 AM) Big-T: "You know what he goddamned did, went down to the truck, PULLED THE FRIDGE OUT OF THE ENGINE, AND TOOK IT BACK INSIDE. Fuckin thing was fine. Replaced the fan and it was good as new. Sitting right over there." Big T points to Sunny.
(02:21:05 AM) Lilah: She's standing in the doorway, with some sort of canned drink, and a snack cake. She blinks.
(02:24:18 AM) ***FelixC pulls his back backward from underneath him, digging into the ground as he's performing an daunting wheelie. Whipping the back end towards the front he spins, for a few moments, then flings himself off, landing on his feet in front off a familiar building. "Blushes!" he yells from under his helmet, but it comes out as a mumbled mess.
(02:27:46 AM) Lilah: "Felix!" She poofs her cheeks, "You're late." She scurries out, waving to Big T, and moves over towards Felix's bike.
(02:30:32 AM) FelixC: Lifting his helmet, he starts to huff, "I can only go so fast," staring at her with his flamboyantly neon eyes.
(02:32:02 AM) Lilah: Blushes blushes and sticks her tongue out at him, "Yeahhhyeaahhh~"
(02:34:22 AM) ***FelixC hands her his helmet. "You owe me. That's all." He picks up the bike trying to keep his legs steady. "Get on, only have a few more minutes and then my shinies go away -sigh-"
(02:36:03 AM) Lilah: Blushes puts the helmet on, "It smells like sweat!" She hops on.
(02:38:26 AM) FelixC: He grumbles as the bike restarts, trying to be as timely as possible. "Just… hold on" he sighs, eyes fluctuating color. Leaning in on the biped, he flurries through the streets back to "home."

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