He S The Mousy Type July 13th

(04:34:25 PM) Lilah: Fox stood over the couch in the living room, a young man sleeping on it. She crosses her arms, and then suddenly kicks the leg of the couch, "Mouse!"
(04:37:08 PM) Fullforce: Mouse jerks awake with a shock, frantically flailing his arms and legs and diving over the sofa, and behind it.
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(04:38:41 PM) Fullforce: A small voice is heard from behind the sofa. "…yes?"
(04:38:55 PM) Lilah: "-Where the hell have you been for the last 5 days-??" She walks behind the couch and stands over him.
(04:39:46 PM) Fullforce: "uuhmm… er… I was in… central district right… and um… I don't really remember…" Mouse cowers, looking for escape routes.
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(04:40:38 PM) Lilah: "I thought you were -dead-, Mouse." She grimaces.
(04:42:42 PM) Fullforce: Mouse pats himself down. "Maybe I was. I-I-I don't know. I don't really…"
(04:43:52 PM) Lilah: "You're not in trouble." She squats down, "Just -call- or something. I had to stop Sunny from goin' out and lookin' for you. Breakfast is ready." She then stands and moves over to the kitchen.
(04:47:06 PM) Fullforce: "Oh, ex-excellent!" Mouse gets up and brushes himself off. He gingerly walks to the kitchen, looking around all the time.
(04:47:33 PM) Fullforce: Mouse pokes his head in by the kitchen door and sniffs.
(04:49:19 PM) Lilah: Aw damn, bacon. Omelette. Toast. Fox was always good at hunting down decent food for the house— They never went hungry. Most of the time. She then moved over to the stairs, "SUNNY! FELIX!! FOOD!"
(04:50:51 PM) Fullforce: Mouses' eyes light up at the smell of the food. He feels like he hasn't eaten in days. Probably because he hasn't. He scuttles into the room and sits down with a grin on his face.
(04:53:51 PM) Lilah: Sunny, the pink-haired girl prances down the stairs, and then stops with a -GASP-. "MOUSEY!!"
(04:54:43 PM) *Felix sticks his head in from outside front door with a blank face, waving a new jug of orange juice around, "Be there in a few… cleaning Lydia -grumble-"
(04:54:45 PM) Fullforce: Mouse looks up with sheer terror and surprise in his eyes and half an omelette in his mouth. He glances around the room looking for a cupboard to hide in. There aren't any that are free.
(04:55:39 PM) Lilah: Sunny scurries over and attacks the boy with a hug from behind, SQUEEEZING him, "Mouseeyyy~!"
(04:56:14 PM) Fullforce: Mouse squeaks in terror. Most of the time when someone does this he's going to get beat up.
(04:57:26 PM) Fullforce: "H-he-hello!"
(04:57:28 PM) Lilah: Snuggle snuggle, "I missed youu! Where've you beenn??" Fox huffs, as she makes Sunny a plate and points at it, "Eat."
(04:58:14 PM) Fullforce: "I wish..w-wish… I knew…" Mouse mumbles and looks down at his dinner. He stabs at it weakly with a fork.
(04:59:11 PM) Lilah: Sunny sits next to him, and starts to eat. Fox raises an eyebrow, "How do you not know where you've been..?"
(05:00:47 PM) Fullforce: "I dunno! I don't remember. Didn't you already ask me this? I don't remember that either…" He rubs his head, before wincing. "Ow!" He nurses the apparent bump on his head while still stabbing at his food.
(05:02:13 PM) Lilah: "…You hit your head?" Fox approaches him and takes hold of his head to look at the bump.
(05:03:09 PM) Fullforce: "Y-yeah. OW!" He winces as Fox apparently touches the sore part.
(05:04:33 PM) Lilah: "How'd you do that? Did you get beat up by hoods again??"
(05:04:45 PM) Felix: Sticking his head inside again, he shouts, "Get him looked at! Might be diseases or … something." Felix pops back out the door.
(05:07:34 PM) Fullforce: "Probably… I don't reme-" He jumps as Felix proclaims his diagnosis. "Di-d-d-d-diseases!?"
(05:08:47 PM) Lilah: "Mouse! Mouse. You're fine. Felix is an idiot. I'll take you to Doctor Yong-Sun after you eat."
(05:10:31 PM) Fullforce: Mouse has a deflated look on his face. "I don't want a disease. I'm p-p-pretty sure I got beat up. What if they injected me with a disease though!?" He glances around fretfully.
(05:11:08 PM) Lilah: "They -didn't-. You're fine. You just have a concussion or something. It's not to worry about."
(05:13:07 PM) Fullforce: "Yeah…yeah… you-you're probably right." Mouse returns to silent jabbing. His far off look with glancing eyes shows he's still turning the idea over in his head though. Hypochondriac.
(05:14:04 PM) Lilah: Sunny smiles to Mouse, "Don't worry, Mousey!"
(05:14:32 PM) Lilah: She's unusually cheery. I mean, she generally cheery, but I suppose ~Mouse coming back~ is exciting.
(05:15:33 PM) *
Felix walks into the kitchen, juice container at his side, "Just saying, its a possibility" He plops down into the chair adjacent from the other two, shaking off heavy rubber gloves, eying his food behind welding goggles.
(05:15:59 PM) Fullforce: Mouse fixes his eyes on Sunny with slight fear in his eyes. "Yeah… yeah.." The last time someone was this happy to see him, he owed them money. Lots of it.
(05:16:23 PM) Lilah: Sunny is glowing. Two of her favorite boys are in the room— that aren't pop stars.
(05:17:40 PM) Fullforce: "S-soo, what has everyone b-been up to?"
(05:18:56 PM) Lilah: Fox huffs, "Hoods from H-town have been filtering into the Bellows. Things have been dangerous— They're insistent on causing trouble."
(05:20:25 PM) Felix: "Trouble." his face contorts into a twisted frown, keeping a steady raised eyebrow above his goggles. "Lots."
(05:22:34 PM) Fullforce: "Trouble… my favourite." Mouse dryly says, jabbing at the last of his food.
(05:25:53 PM) Lilah: "Let's focus on fixing Mouse's head, yeah?"
(05:26:44 PM) Fullforce: "W-What's wrong with my head!?"
(05:27:22 PM) Lilah: "You have a concussion, you doofus." Fox looks at him with a raises brow.
(05:28:01 PM) Felix: "Its gotta be them aliens." Felix waves his arms sarcastically frantic
(05:29:21 PM) Lilah: "God dammit, Felix. None of that." Fox glares.
(05:29:27 PM) Fullforce: "…aliens!?"
(05:29:33 PM) Laito [PI.81143347.71C7D1F6.2F04B2AF|tibbiM#PI.81143347.71C7D1F6.2F04B2AF|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:29:52 PM) Lilah: Fox rubs her face with annoyance, "I'm surrounded by children."
(05:30:10 PM) Fullforce: Mouse mutters under his breath. Something about being scared of aliens.
(05:31:33 PM) Felix: The goggles give Felix a mad scientist look to him, as he glares at Mouse with a crooked smile.
(05:31:48 PM) Lilah: "Comon'. We're taking you to see Doctor Yong-Sun." Fox stands and moves over to grab the keys for the Jeep.
(05:33:36 PM) Fullforce: Mouse stares at Felix for a moment before looking away and refusing to look back again. "Yes, yes, let's… let's go. Who is Doctor Yong-Song?"
(05:34:52 PM) Lilah: "Yong-SUN. He's a guy who grew up in the upper sector. He works here in the slums now as a charity doctor. I've spoken to him a few times. He's a cool guy. Young, but know what he's doing."

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