Haven't Seen That Trick Before- July 19

17:15 lilah: Fox is outside, working on the Jeep.
17:16 Laito: Sam has been away since last night.
17:18 Felix lingers up in his bed, under his sheets, eying a package from across the room.
17:19 lilah: Sunny is in the kitchen, playing on her game device.
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17:24 Fullforce: Mouse is in the lounge, playing with a real mouse he has found. Typical.
17:25 lilah: Sunny glances over, "Whatcha got?" She blinks and stands, approaching mouse.
17:27 Fullforce: Mouse instinctively curls up a bit in slight fear before he realises who it is. He holds his new pet close. "It's a m-mouse!"
17:27 lilah: Sunny's eyes light up at the creature, "CUUTE!! :>"
17:27 lilah: It squeaks and sniffs the air.
17:28 Fullforce: "I don't know what name to give it. Maybe Clive…" Mouse trails off. What a strange name to give to a mouse.
17:29 lilah: "Clive? Nooo~ How about Cheese. Or Whiskers?"
17:30 Fullforce: "W-whiskers. Maybe…" The white mouse runs up Mouses' chest to his shoulder and perches itself there.
17:32 Laito|Sam: Sam comes walking down the street, hands in his jacket. He comes up to Fox and the jeep. "We've got some problems.."
17:33 lilah: Sunny is delighted.
17:33 lilah: Fox looks up, a bit sweaty and arms all grimey. She's wearing a tank-top and skinny jeans, "…Do I want to hear this?" She says with a tired huff…
17:40 Fullforce: "D-do you want to hold him?" Mouse takes the mouse carefuly and holds him out to Sunny.
17:40 Laito|Sam: "You'd rather hear it than not." Sam exhales tiredly, as if he regrets what he's about to say. "We've got a cartel in town. They bought up those H-Town boys. That's who's been pushing the neighborhood with drugs." This isn't just a problem of some dangerous hood kids looking to bang around town. This is a major infection of gangsters.
17:41 Laito|Sam: Well-organized and deadly gangsters.
17:43 lilah: Sunny takes the mouse into her hands and looks at him closely with a smile.
17:43 lilah: Fox sits up from her work and stares at Sam tiredly, "…God damn it…" She deeply huffs out and leans against the edge of the jeep, looking in at the dirty old engine, "We don't need this right now."
17:44 Laito|Sam: "It gets worse, Ash…"
17:44 lilah: Fox deeply sighs and shuts her eyes, "…What?"
17:45 Fullforce: "C-cute, isn't he…" Mouse sheepishly says.
17:47 Laito|Sam looks around, then takes a tiny baggy out of his pocket. He tosses it onto the Jeep's hood to her. "I got that from a dealer I rolled." The baggy contains what looks like bright green sand. It looks like Ice, but…. it's green?
17:47 lilah: Sunny pets the mouse on the head and smiles big with a nod. "I might have an old cage in my closet if you want to keep him there."
17:48 Fullforce: "That sounds g-g-great!" Mouse beams.
17:48 lilah: Fox blinks, and takes up the bag, looking at it. She pinches it between her fingers, "…This… isn't ice."
17:51 Laito|Sam: "It's a new chemical formula. Friend of mine at Jerry's bar says they're using…" Sam sighs, anger welling up slightly, "goddamned -augmented- teks to to alter the chemical process. What you have in your hand isn't much stronger than the regular stuff… but it's ten times as addictive."
17:53 lilah: Fox's eyes widen… And then she throws it down, "God -fucking- dammit… Nothing ever gets any easier, does it??" She slumps her butt against the bumper of the car and rubs her face…
17:53 Laito|Sam: Sam looks down quietly. "…It gets worse, Ash…"
17:55 lilah: Fox slams her palm against the bumper, "-What-?"
17:58 Laito|Sam: "They've got… kids, Ash. They're recruiting kids to sell for them." One of the oldest, dirtiest tricks. You can hire any street guy to work for you, but if you get to them while they're young, they're yours -forever-. Without question.
18:01 lilah: Fox narrows her eyes, and stares forward troubledly… Her stomach is dropping… "…What the hell can we do?"
18:02 Felix: Throwing a blanket across the room to cover the package, Felix sets his feet on the ground and heads downstairs to the kitchen.
18:03 lilah: Sunny is sitting on the floor with the mouse, as it scurries around in her lap. She feeds it a sunflower seed, and looks to Felix, "Felix~ :>"
18:03 Laito|Sam: "I don't know. But it's not going to be easy."
18:05 Felix: He waves at Sunny giving her a pseudo-joyful smile, keeping his
18:05 Felix: bright blues eyes toward the refridgerator
18:05 lilah: "…Where do we start?" Fox slowly looks up to Sam.
18:05 lilah: "We need help."
18:06 lilah: Sunny holds up the mouse, "Mouse has got a mouse!"
18:06 Fullforce Mouse grins.
18:09 Laito|Sam "We need to figure out who the new boss is. I think that mess in H-Town has something to do with this. Jimmy tells me the boss was killed in that dock explosion. Probably a power-hit. What's more, Jimmy says his 'friend-of-a-friend' said the explosion was…. green."
18:09 Felix Grabbing his jug of juice from the door, he plucks out a lettuce leaf from the bottom drawer, waving it in the air. "Wanna give em' this?"
18:11 lilah "…We need some sneaky people to get on this, but I don't exactly have faith in Mouse's abilities in his current state."
18:12 lilah Sunny reaches out a hand and takes the lettuce, giving it to the mouse. It uses its hands to hold onto the leaf and nibble on it.
18:13 Laito|Sam "I've got a word out that we need help. I'm expecting phone calls, hopefully."
18:14 lilah "…Maybe Mouse knows someone…"
18:15 Fullforce Mouse watches the mouse eat, smiling. "You c-can keep him if you want." He says to Sunny. "I thi-think he likes you."
18:16 lilah "How about he's both of ours? :>"
18:16 Laito|Sam "I'm gonna take him out today to follow one of the dealers to where he goes. Hopefully that we'll get a lead."
18:17 Fullforce "S-sure!" Mouse smiles.
18:18 lilah "Don't mess up. We don't need a mob looking for us."
18:18 Felix gives a warm smile and walks outside, placing himself on the steps in front of the door. A seemingly calm day to stare at the clouds, drinking the Bellow's best orange juice.
18:18 Laito|Sam "Tell me about it," he mutters, going inside the house.
18:19 Fullforce "I'll prob-prob-probably forget to feed him tho-though." Mouse says.
18:19 lilah Fox continues fooling around in the Jeep's inner bits.
18:19 lilah Sunny nods, "I'll remember." She then turns and looks to Sam, "Hi Sam~"
18:20 Laito|Sam "Hi Sunny. Mouse, let's go for a ride."
18:21 Fullforce Mouse is startled at the order. "O-ok!" He gets up and follows.
18:22 lilah "Bai bai Mouse~" :> She pets the little creature.
18:22 Fullforce Mouse waves goodbye. "B-buh bye!"
18:24 lilah Fox glances at Felix on the step, "Hey Felix. What's up?" She's trying to twist something, and a loud CLANK sounds out. "…Shit…" Fox mumbles to herself as she continues working.
18:26 Felix He jumps, rather startled. "Oh. Hey leading lady~ Just… relaxing. Slow few days." Felix lays his back against the door. "Th- … The usual sort."
18:30 lilah "You alright…?" Fox pulls her hands from the jeep and wipes her hands down.
18:33 Felix Looking at fox, the fluctuating blue around his pupils grew a more intense shade. "Tho-…. Those fuckers who jumped me, the weird folks gathering around here lately. Just a bit… nostalgic."
18:36 Laito|Sam Laughter and shouting from a ways up the street. Sounds like a walking group or something, fooling around.
18:36 lilah "I understand." Fox nods and huffs, looking at the engine. She moves over and gets into the jeep and starts it… She has a little bit of trouble, but it starts. She then blinks, and kills the engine upon hearing the group.
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18:41 Laito|Sam Ten or so street kids, romping around and roughhousing, making their way down the street. This would be common, if you weren't sure some of them were H-Town hoods.
18:42 lilah Fox tries to keep quiet, but ohh, she's got an M-32 in her jeep— Just in case, of course.
18:43 Felix Felix takes a sip from his jug, grabbing at the cooler in his pocket, wincing as he looks in at the three vials.
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18:47 Stephens walks out of the house stretching and adjusting the staps on her backpack.
18:48 Stephens stands in the doorway and looks down at Felix "mornin'"
18:49 lilah Fox glances over, "Hey Ang…" She's keeping her eye on 10 rowdy kids heading down the block..
18:49 Laito|Sam The group of kids pass by the house across the street and down a ways at the corner. Looks like they're just… hanging out.
18:50 Felix Watching the the group intently, he tilts his head back slightly with a smile, "Morning, deary."
18:52 Stephens "so how are we all on this beautiful morning? any news worth telling?" watches the childers playing "huh"
18:54 lilah "…We've got a mafia moved into the Bellows. And they're making some nasty drugs to get people addicted… Talk to Sam about it, when he gets back."
18:55 Laito|Sam The hoods start shouting. There's apparently another group of street kids further down the street headed their way.
18:56 lilah Fox glances between the two groups, leaning into her Jeep…
18:57 Felix Felix moves himself up from the stoop, more-so concerned for the girls of the house than himself, even though they could kick his ass.
18:57 Stephens lazily looks over at Fox "yeah? anyone decided they have enough of a problem with it that they want to pay us to curb them a little? or are we still doing pro bono work?"
18:57 Laito|Sam Being all streetsavvy folk, it's not difficult to tell that this is about -you- guys. Sunny and Felix almost got jumped a few nights ago by a group of them, and Sam had to chase them away with baseball bat injuries. The young gangsters -love retaliation…
18:58 lilah Fox is quiet… She slowly approaches the inside of the Jeep and places her hands on her M-32… She waits for them to retaliate directly.
18:59 Felix "Fox… do you see-…" He eyes the gun, and a stern look develops. "Nevermind."
19:01 Stephens takes off her backpack and sets it down on the ground, unzipping it and rummaging around. sets a gun near the lip of the backpack and pulls out a map. very fluid, very natural.
19:03 Laito|Sam The two groups conjoin and mingle. One shirtless hood looks in the Red Sun direction and shouts, arms out wide. "'Ey, pre-ty leidees, you want suh fun 'ere-ah?"
19:03 Stephens stands back up and opens the map. ignores the kid. "i think i'll head out to the west of town for a while this week. see how things are going over there. i heard they've tightened up security recently and i kinda wanna check it out."
19:05 lilah Fox grimaces, "That's great, Ang." She then pulls the M-32 from the Jeep and points it at the group of hoods, "Lissen to me you little ass-hats, I will fucking ruin you." She aims.
19:06 Felix Relaxing a short moment, "That doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually." Felix tenses up at Fox's shouting, leaning inside the door of the house. "Sunny, upstairs, now please."
19:07 Laito|Sam They start shouting and jeering. Little of it is understandable. Sounds like a lot of challenges and comments on the spicy female with fire-hair.
19:08 lilah Sunny is playing with the mouse. She frowns, "Why…?"
19:09 Felix Giving her one of his serious looks, "Because I said so, now please, dear. I'll make it up to you later."
19:10 Stephens shrugs and leans down, pulls the gun out from her backpack and aims it at the kids. fires a shot off that hits right between the shirtless one's feet. "go play somewhere else."
19:10 lilah Fox's face tightens into a slight snarl, "You all got some death wish, I'm okay with that— I support assisted suicide." She moves sideways and then easily scales herself on top of the jeep, aiming downward at the kids across the street, "So?? What'll it be you little fucks??"
19:10 lilah Sunny goans, and picks up the mouse, scurrying up stairs.
19:10 lilah Fox watches one fall, and adjusts her aim.
19:12 Laito|Sam Many of them pull their own guns and weapons, the shouting more of violence now. One kids fires his pistol into the air in response to Stephens.
19:12 Laito|Sam Many of them are scared. You can tell.
19:12 lilah Fox doesn't take any shit. She fires the M-32 with a click, and the round shoots into the group of kids EXPLODING violently and brightly.
19:13 lilah "WHAT DID I SAY?!" She viciously yells at those left over.
19:14 Felix "Fox, just chill a sec', wait." He moves to the edge of the house eying the bright lights dilligently,
19:15 lilah Redact?
19:15 Laito|Sam No, Felix, it's a goddamned vicious explosion. The high-impact shell connects with the shirtless guy square in the chest, then explodes into fire an shrapnel, blowing him, and most of the others, part.
19:17 Laito|Sam apart*
19:17 Stephens sighs and sits down next to her backpack "Ashton, honey. You're gonna be a great mum"
19:17 Laito|Sam The few, -maybe- three or four, that are mostly unharmed are dazed on the ground, covered in gore.
19:19 lilah She eyes the last few, "You better -get out- and never come back. These aren't little kid games, you get it?? This is where the big guns play, and you're going to get yourself -killed- fast."
19:21 Laito|Sam Those who are dead are wailing in pain and misery. One man, now missing his legs, levels his gun in Fox's direction and fires as many times as his shaking hand can manage.
19:21 Felix raises an eyebrow turning back to the girls, "Mother… I won't give my input, ha.."
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19:24 Felix Barely managing to finish his sentence, he points to the remains, feeling a rather sharp thud at the top of his chest.
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20:07 lilah Fox is hit in the side, and she stumbles back in surprise, falling off from the jeep and onto her back. She holds her side with a moan, and quickly sits back up.
20:07 Laito|Sam The kid with the gun fires until it clicks empty, then grabs another one from his fallen comrade, and shoots himself in the head. The others who are still alive try to crawl away. As if this were a common occurrence, no one in the houses nearby so much as open their front door.
20:09 lilah Fox looks at her wound, and then looks around, "Felix??"
20:14 Felix "The da-.. damn… thi-…I ca-.. I'm so sorry Fox… so sorry." Felix turns towards her, eyes gradually turning into an almost white shining blue. A few stray tears begin to fall, freezing into ice drops upon his cheek. Purple fluid began leaking from his chest, right where the stone-like plate was located.
20:18 Felix His skin grew a colorless sort of pale, as he began sweating profusely, trudging toward the remaining goons. The sweat formed into frozen pellets as they fell off his body, cracking upon hitting the ground
20:21 lilah Fox watched him with wide eyes… He… She gulps. He's got a tek plate…? Is he… Fox doesn't really know what to do or say. She takes a deep breath and stands, "Felix! Leave them alone…"
20:21 lilah "…Come inside."
20:22 Laito|Sam Tiny amount of water on the street begin to freeze, leaving little streaks of white on the pavement.
20:24 lilah "Felix." Fox says lowly, again… There's a twinge of motherly threat there, but more a shaking voice upon knowing he's been taking teks…
20:26 Felix He keeps walking, shaking his head, as he babbles nonsense to himself. The liquid flows down around his forefingers shaping into sharp extensions that resemble fine icicles. "No," is the last thing he says before picking up on of the boys by the throat.
20:30 lilah Fox then runs for him, and grabs him by the back of the shirt, "FELIX."
20:31 Laito|Sam The kid he's holding is missing an arm and crying. Hes going to go into shock soon.
20:35 Felix "B-but…" he stops, dropping the child on it's back. Forcing himself to turn around, only managing to fall on his knees in front of Fox. "Th-they hurt us… hurt." It seems as though he's sobbing but the tears do nothing but solidify when they hit his cheeks.
20:38 lilah Fox's face scrunches up, and then she helps Felix up… She pulls him toward the house, "Inside, Felix…"
20:42 Felix "Inside… sound's fine." He moves along her side, solid chunks of frozen like melting of with each step.
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21:38 Stephens stands up and moves out of the way of the doorway "well shit" as the two pass by her "i didn't know you were a tek, Felix"
21:43 Felix His head raises, staring straight into her eyes with his, bright and otherworldly, "It's not… I- I'm.. s-sorry." Felix's gaze fixes back to the ground, struggling to keep balance.
21:45 lilah Fox doesn't look happy -at all-.
21:46 Stephens moves to help Fox with him as they move him onto a couch inside
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21:47 Stephens "well….uh…i don't know anything about teks….do you?" looks at Fox.
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21:49 lilah "…More than I want to know." She plops Felix on the couch and stands, staring at him, "…I'd think you were smarter than that. You've been -abusing-, haven't you?"
21:51 Felix "N-no… this never ha-.. happens anymore.." he proclaims, teeth gritting as he starts chilling.
21:52 lilah "Don't gimmie that… You've been on edge recently— Don't think I didn't notice…
21:52 lilah "
21:52 Stephens is totally lost. she isn't teks "do you….we…..uh…..Hmmmm" dissapears into the kitcken and brings back water. hands it to Felix.
21:52 lilah Fox then looks at her wound, pulling her hand back and looking at the blood. She quickly heads up stairs without another word.
21:54 Felix takes the water and begins sipping it down slowly, the glass starts to frost at the bottom.
21:57 Stephens watches curiously for a moment then "uh, so that." points at the purple leaking liquid his shirt is soaked in "needs….tending to?"
21:59 Felix His hand slides up to the top of his shirt, ripping it down the left side to show the plate pulsing, leaking fluid. "Closed package, far corner of my room… under the blanket, please."
22:01 Stephens nods and runs off. returns 32 seconds later holding said package. "there is a lot of shit in your room" hands it to him
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22:09 Felix Felix delicately pulls it away from her, pulling off the plastic latches keeping the lid on. "Sorry, I can't seem to throw anything away." He reaches his hand in pulling out a picture frame and what looks to be an obsidian wedding band, which he slides down his ring finger. "Thank you," clutching the frame to his chest.
22:09 Felix (mibbit bug with double names o-o)
22:13 Stephens "…..uh……you're hurt still. you know this, right?"
22:16 Felix He smiles briefly, "I know, but this helps… more than you know."
22:17 Stephens shrugs "if you say so. uh, need anything else? do you even know how to patch yourself up? cause i don't."
22:20 Felix takes the small amount of water left in the cup and pours it into the crack of the plate, watching it gradually ice over. "Easy does it yeah?… Just… don't be worried or anything, I'll..have some problems soon… to say the least."
22:22 Stephens "well, i mean i'm no doctor or Tek expert but it looks like you have problems now. those things aren't cheap."
22:25 Felix "It didn't cost me anything… except both of our lives." His eyes move to the picture frame.
22:27 Stephens "i meant to get it repaired. but….okay…what happened?"
22:28 Felix He shakes his head, "… Its nothing, it'll grow back in a week at the most. I'll be fine."
22:29 Stephens "right. well, if you're sure……i'm gonna go make some food. want a toasted sandwich?"
22:31 Felix "No no, it'll… find its way back up." he waves his free hand.
22:32 Stephens "Anything else, then? more water?"
22:32 Felix "N-….nah.. Th-that's.. quite alright." he says, dozing off.
22:34 Stephens "…." looks around "right" walks out of the house and into the street
22:55 Stephens rummages through the corpses on the street and collects any weapons/valuables/anything worth keeping and takes them back to the house
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22:58 Laito They've got some guns and knives and such. Nothing terribly impressive. One of them has an SMG. Most of it is gross with blood. It will need a good cleaning.
23:04 Stephens sigh as she starts washing them "fucking kids."
23:06 Stephens *cleaning
23:06 Laito Shortly after they all retreat inside, a black van pulls up on the street, and four men in hazmat suits start cleaning up the mess.

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