Tokoya Hana

Player Name



Tokoya Hana


An Apprentice of Hairstyling and Fiancee of Mister Bainwell

Personality Traits

Just a Little Laugh: The normally quiet Hana has found herself laughing and smiling more, despite her situation. While she is still quiet in voice, her tone is happier.

Yamato Nadeshiko: Hana has learned how to be a woman from none other than her mother, a prime example of the Higashian ideal for a wife. Hana is kind, considerate, quiet, sweet, tidy, a good cook, her clothing is always impeccably matched and neatly wore, her movements are gentle, and she enjoys serving others.

A Life Worth Living: Hana's demeanor has changed slightly, thanks to living with her now fiancee, Oliver Bainwell. She is more bold, and now believes in a sense of self-worth. She means something to Oliver, and so, she is a person worthy of her own dreams and happiness.

Something There..?: Hana seems to have a buried talent with a straight razor… but it'll take a master to find it and uncover it.


  • Cooking: 4
  • Housewifery: 5
  • Hairstyling and Barbery: 2
  • Kimono: 4
  • Small Blades: 1


Personal History

Hana was born to a man named Tokoya Ukaji, a rather famous barber and hair-stylist in the capital city of Okoku. A promising daughter, unlike her brother, she presented interest in her father's trade, and it was decided that the skill would be handed down to her. Hana lived a good and uneventful life, easy and never troubled.
However, in Hana's adulthood, her family had learned that much of her father's wealth came from an immense loan from the Kun'yano. The man wanted to give his family the best, and was doing so with the worst money. The most terrifying moment of her life is when the man came to demand money, and in the process, took her father's fingers.
At this point, Hana claimed she still wished to continue learning, and her father, knowing she would get sold if she didn't go elsewhere, sent Hana to be trained by one of the best Barbers in Norton, the current son of the Bainwell family.

The Kun'Yano soon found Hana's location, and have since been showing up, looking to get their debt paid.


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