Fat Man's Foul- July 19th

18:25 Fullforce "Where are we go-going, Sam?" Mouse says, walking behind him.
18:26 Laito|Sam leads Mouse down the street to his own little car. Probably not his, actually. They start driving into town. Sam explains about the new drug dealers, the new cartel in town, the green ice.. "We're going to see if one of the dealers will lead us to somewhere important. Probably not. A game like this is very organized, but every gang has weak links with
18:27 Laito|Sam poor judgment. If something happens, he might get spooked and run to the boss."
18:27 Fullforce Mouse listens, nodding occasionally.
18:27 Fullforce "So, you w-want me to follow someone?"
18:29 Laito|Sam "We'll watch him for awhile, then I'll mug him and let him escape. We'll both follow him to see where he goes. This might involve having a look around." Mouse's specialty.
18:31 Fullforce "S-sounds like a good plan." Mouse has a much more concentrated look on his face.
18:35 Laito|Sam They pull up and park across the street from a cheap little iced-cream stand. Good place, actually. A kindly old black gentleman serves delicious icy treats from the side of his little van. This part of the neighborhood tends to have more family houses, so there are more kids to be seen. 30 feet behind the stand is an obvious fat fellow. Just milling about.
18:36 Fullforce "The f-f-at one. Is he our guy?" Mouse enquires. "He looks out of place."
18:37 Laito|Sam "That's our guy." Sure enough, a skinny ugly woman appears from an alleyway not far from the fat guy's right, and walks up to him. They appear to chat briefly, before the woman reaches into her blouse and hands him something.
18:39 Fullforce "Hmm. Ho-ho-how do you want to go about this?" Mouse continues looking at the fat man.
18:45 Laito|Sam The fatty takes the money, waves in a seemingly random direction, where a car appears down the street, pulling in behind the ice cream stand and parking on the othr side if the lady. She leans into the window for a moment, then she walks away back into the alley. The car drives off, and the fat guy resumes being fat.
18:46 Fullforce "Is she a customer or a pro-prostitute?"
18:48 Laito|Sam "Both. He just takes the money. The guys in the car have the product. We're gonna wait for his next deal. When the car drives away, I'm gonna mug him and chase him away from the circuit his buddies make. before that, I want you to plant this on their tire." Sam holds up a tiny device; a popper. Something nifty Fox made.
18:49 Fullforce "So, next time they park, I go over and place it?"
18:50 Fullforce (What time is it? Is it light/dark?)
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18:51 Laito|Sam nods. It's getting dark, around 6 or 7 in the evening, twilightish. Good for sneaking about.
18:51 Fullforce "Alright. Shall I get out now?"
18:54 Laito|Sam "There's an alley behind us. Goes to the other side of this block. They should be parked there." He waits another minute, "Go now." He steps out and walks the opposite direction from Mouse.
18:56 Fullforce Mouse gets out, wandering down the alleyway. He scans the floor, searching for an old paper bag, picking one up and filling it full of inconspicious items from the alleyway floor. He makes sure the popper is in his pocket, secure.
18:59 Fullforce He holds the bag up with his hand, and peers into the street from the dark alleyway, scanning it. How busy is it? How attentive are the people in the car?
19:00 Laito|Sam It is. Already preset to a time, too. Just push into the treads of any tire and press the button. The street is barren, save for the car parked on the side. They appear to be eating burgers and watching their dealer friend.
19:03 Fullforce Hmm. Mouses' initial plan is out of the window thanks to the silent street. He drops the bag on the floor silently, moving across the street away from the car, hoping to approach from the blind side.
19:05 Fullforce Double-checking the street is empty still, Mouse approaches the car from the blindside, avoiding the mirrors. He crouches and walks silently, but not slowly.
19:06 Laito|Sam It comes naturally to Mouse, like breathing. The two guys in the car have -no- idea he's there at all.
19:07 Fullforce Mouse edges closer to the rear tire of the car, reaching his hand into his pocket and grabbing the popper. He reaches out at arms-length and quietly pushes it in. He hopes it doesn't make a noise. That would be a design flaw.
19:09 Laito|Sam Nope. Completely soundless. The round metal button has a little red light in the middle that blinks three times when pressed. Mouse is sure to press it into the rear of the tire, closer to the ground. The device must hit the pavement with the tire rotation a certain number of times before it goes off.
19:10 Fullforce Mouse places it in the correct position, ensuring it's in tight. He starts backing away from the car, keeping his eyes on the occupants to make sure they're stil unaware.
19:12 Fullforce Mouse continues backing away, until he's sure he's fine. He turns around, carefully straightens up, and confidently walks to the alleyway into the darkness therein. Professional.
19:13 Laito|Sam Not even a little. Sure enough the car drives off to hand out some more drugs.
19:16 Fullforce Mouse strolls back to the other end of the alleyway, still in the dark, watching the fat man and/or Sam. He's confident here. It's his element.
19:20 Laito|Sam Mouse exits the other side of the alley just in time to see the car drive by him, going to loop around the block. He comes around the corner beyond that just in time to see Sam come out of his own alley and break a flimsy board over the fat dealer's head. A satisfying BANG in the distance behind him signifies the successful tire-pop.
19:25 Fullforce Mouse winces a little bit as he sees the dealer take the hit. He waits in the shadows for what will happen next.
19:26 Laito|Sam Sam proceeds knocking the guy around and robbing him of his money, then escapes into the alley. The fat guy screams and runs down the street. he heard the bang. He probably thinks his friends are dead.
19:28 Fullforce When he's sure the man isn't going to turn around, Mouse hurries aross the road to Sam. "N-nice." He glances around.
19:33 Laito|Sam Same hurried goes back to the car. "Come on, let's not lose him." He starts the car and drives off to the street ahead, where the fat guy can still be seen waddling away as quickly as he can.
19:35 Fullforce Mouse sits in the car, watching.
19:38 Laito|Sam It takes nearly an hour to track the guy. He drives into alleyways and buildings to come out the other side. At one point, Mouse has to get out of the car to trail him through a mess of car-unfriendly maze-like alleys. Fortunately Sam managed to pick Mouse back up in the right spot without losing too much time. The fat guy finally ends up at an unassuming
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19:39 Laito|Sam warehouse -faaaaarrr- down town.
19:41 Fullforce Mouse eyes up the warehouse tentatively. It looks big.
19:41 Laito|Sam "There it is. I need you to get a peek in there. You ready?"
19:43 Fullforce "Alright. What am I looking for, exactly?"
19:44 Laito|Sam "We need to figure out if this is a production factory, or if someone important is here. Look for the only guy sitting at a table, or the guy yelling at other guys. or cooking equipment with green shit in it."
19:45 Laito|Sam "I'll be behind you to help with lookouts."
19:46 Fullforce "Go-gotcha."
19:47 Fullforce Mouse exits the car, walking towards the warehouse carefully, looking around.
19:49 Fullforce He looks for a window that's ajar, possibly leading into a dark room.
19:50 Laito|Sam Sam follows and disappears between two buildings. Mouse becomes aware of the bright blue plastic tarp spread over the roof of the warehouse, and also the sheer climb-ability of of the building next to it.
19:51 Fullforce Mouse's mousey instincts lead him to the adjacent building. He heads over, constantly checking for people. He tries to start climbing.
19:52 Fullforce Mouse looks around once more before he starts climbing, and rubs his head. Deja vu, he thinks to himself.
19:53 Laito|Sam The warehouse is old, rundown, lots of failing brick and warped wood. Aside from having to be careful of splinters, climbing onto the roof is easy. The tarp, he deduces, covers a large hole leading into the warehouse.
19:54 Laito|Sam It's got weights on the edges, and a small puddle of dirty water in the dip.
19:54 Fullforce Mouse reaches the top and smirks as he sees the tarp. Too easy. He jumps over the small gap to the building, as quietly as possible.
19:55 Laito|Sam The only tricky part is crawling under the tarp. They tend to be crinkly and noisy, but it's doable. Just have to take your time.
19:56 Fullforce Mouse eases himself under the tarp, taking his time, trying to feel with his feet for a place to stand on or land on. He is as quiet as.. a mouse, actually.
19:58 Laito|Sam Yeah, there's wide gap in the roof. Just inside is a dark, shady loft with some old crates that overlook a wide, well-lit warehouse below. It's like they're -begging- for a break in, it's so easy. The room below is filled with possibly hundreds of crates.
19:59 Laito|Sam conttinued:
20:01 Laito|Sam There's a door in the rear of the room that goes deeper into the building. For getting in, Mouse only has to worry about the warped, creaky, water-damaged boards of the loft.
20:02 Fullforce Mouse assesses the situation. The smell of the water-damaged floorboards brings back some sort of vague memory in his mind. He recognises the smell.
20:03 Fullforce "Hmm", he thinks. No time for that now. He sneaks carefully as can be across the floorboards, peeking into a crate or two.
20:05 Laito|Sam There doesn't appear to be anyone inside the immediate room, however, so the creakiness shouldnt be too much of a problem, as long as they don't give out under him. As if to remind him of this, there -is- a section of the loft further down that appears to have broken off. Nothing interesting in the crates. Some really old bottles is what's most interesting.
20:05 Laito|Sam He does notice an old air-flow duct that's probably functionless now. It appears to go in the same direction as the door below.
20:06 Fullforce Mouse closes the crate disappointedly. As he looks up he examines the duct, and looks for a way up, a crate below, or something.
20:08 Fullforce He climbs gingerly on to a crate close to the duct, and examines the vent over it.
20:11 Laito|Sam It appears to have been opened before, and recently. Wait, there's noise below him. The fat dealer and a man in a gaudy yellow shirt open the door and walk into the crate room. "What do you MEAN you got mugged?" growls the man in yellow.
20:11 Laito|Sam "This guy ambushed me, held a gun to my face and took the money!" Lie.
20:13 Fullforce Mouse drops behind a crate when he hears them coming, in the darkest corner, well out of sight. Why would they be coming in here? He peeks round at the yellow-shirted man. Probably the boss.
20:13 Laito|Sam The guy in yellow sighs. "He's gonna be pissed off. You get a look at the guy?" The fat one babbles, "He-, he had long hair, i didnt see anything else."
20:13 Fullforce Perhaps not the boss.
20:15 Laito|Sam "You get that money back, or he's going to kill you, understand?" The fat one nods, then asks, "Why are we moving? Is this not the.." "NO, you idiot! You made a mistake by coming here. Yo ucould have been followed you fat piece of shit! No, we're setting up else where because some little street shit broke in and took something."
20:16 Fullforce Mouse narrows his eyes at this last comment. Who else could be as good as him? And as little? He thinks, staring up at the recently opened vent.
20:16 Laito|Sam "What did he take?" "Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you're fat ass. Now get the fuck out of here and get our money back." The man in yellow slaps the fat one upside the head, and the exit out the front.
20:19 Laito|Sam your* :|
20:19 Fullforce Mouse raises his eyebrow. He returns his attention to the vent, getting a good close look. He recognises this handiwork.
20:20 Laito|Sam The screws were taken out, then replaced loosely.
20:21 Fullforce Mouse carefully unscrews them, getting a strong sense of deja vu.
20:21 Laito|Sam The duct goes further back about twenty feet then turns.
20:22 Fullforce Mouse clambers in, trying to keep as quiet as possible. He drags himself along.
20:24 Laito|Sam At the turn, the vent goes upward, probably, to the roof, and to the right, which ends in another grate.
20:26 Fullforce Mouse heads towards the right, clambering along as quietly as he can.
20:28 Laito|Sam It views a small empty room. Really there's nothing special about it. Though there is another door going further back. It's open. Sam steps through.
20:28 Fullforce How strange, Mouse thinks. He decides to wait a moment.
20:29 Laito|Sam Sam looks around the empty office. Mouse can't see it, as it's right below him, but Sam is searching a desk.
20:31 Fullforce Mouse grabs the vent and tries to see if it'll budge.
20:31 Laito|Sam It will.
20:32 Fullforce He pushes it out, still holding onto it. He doesn't want it to hit Sam on the head.
20:32 Laito|Sam Sam looks up. "It's safe. They've packed up. There's no one else here."
20:33 Fullforce "oh, good. or is that bad?" He drops it on the floor and pushes himself out.
20:33 Fullforce "I he-heard two of them talking. Fatty and the yellow-shirt guy. The yell-yellow guy was talking about a boss."
20:34 Laito|Sam "It's bad. They moved their operation elsewhere."
20:35 Fullforce "Oh. c-crap." He looks around the room. "You know, I can't help shake the feeling…" He sniffs the air, once again remembering the smell. "… I've been here before. Probably nothing."
20:37 Laito|Sam "Let's get out of here. They didn't leave any traces. We'll try again."
20:37 Fullforce "Alright." Mouse gazes around again. Strange. He heads out with Sam.
20:40 Laito|Sam Sam starts their way back home.

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