Doctor Sharpe

Player Name



Doctor Annabell Sharpe


A fresh doctor right out of the Valentine Medical Soceity's Academy for The Healing Arts

Personality Traits

City girl: Anna has lived in a big, busy city all her life. Now, she's moved herself to Los Ares, and may be having a bit of culture-shock in the process.

A solid doc: Anna is a good doctor, and one really doesn't need to worry under her. She pays close attention to the details, and did very well in the academy in Valetine, graduating at the top of her class. She got here with hard work and diligence— not some hidden talent.

Welp, I'm stuck with it: Anna has a tendency of getting in way too deep, but she often gives in quickly, and finds a way to preservere. No point in crying over it.


  • General Medicine: 3
  • Surgery: 3
  • Dentistry: 3


  • Coming Soon!

Personal History

Coming soon!!


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