Constance "Connie" Haley

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Character Name

Constance "Connie" Haley


A lawkeeper from out of town who has done things she isn't proud of, and is desperate to hide this. Has a ten-year-old son named Casper, father unknown.

Personality Traits

I’ll Dance With The Devil: Whatever Connie’s done in the past, she considers herself already damned. If there’s dirty work to be done, she’ll take it on to prevent anybody else from sullying their hands.

Got My Eye On You: Connie is suspicious of strangers and people with a hard reputation. She has no tolerance for law-breaking of any sort.

Nothing Without My Badge: Connie likes to know where she stands with people—and that’s easy on the job. In casual situations she frequently comes off as stiff or awkward, and develops an anxious stutter.

Hard-Won Trust: Connie does not give her trust easily or often, but those who obtain it have her absolute loyalty and she will help and protect them at any cost.


Sharpshooting: 4
Fisticuffs: 3
Air of Authority: 5
Small Talk: 0
Horse Riding: 1
Parenting: 1
Tenacity: 5
Drinking: 1


Get Behind Me!: If somebody is under her protection or in her custody, Connie keeps an eye out for danger and will interpose herself between her object of protection and the threat immediately.

Commanding Tone: Connie’s quickly gained reputation for not being afraid to pull the trigger lends her words some heavy weight when she issues commands to suspected criminals.

Fool Me Twice: Connie may accept a clever lie once, but don’t expect to get away with more than that.


A trusty six-shot revolver
Well-weathered cowboy hat
Hip Flask
Sturdy Handcuffs

Personal History

Connie comes from out of town, although she prefers to avoid talking about where she moved from and how come. Her father was a sheriff, and she took after him in both job and tendency towards emotional distance. Her son, Casper (Caz), is ten years old, and she cares deeply for him although she doesn’t always know how to express it. She never talks about who the father is.


Connie is tall, standing at almost 6ft, with thick blonde hair that falls past her shoulders. Her expression is most often anxious or stern, rarely cracking a smile, and she often seems tense.


Picture not set in stone.

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