Sjostrom, Alley

Player Name

Alley Sjorstrom

Poor and wandering blind child.

Soul Imaging. Alley can trap the image of a soul in a paper doll, she carries many blank ones with her as well as some already mapped with an image. Her father could actually trap the soul in a paper doll but because she could not see, only listen she was unable to fully learn the skill. She has one doll with an actual soul trapped in it, it was one her father created of her mother after she died.
This specific doll sits on her shoulder and is the reason she was able to survive for almost 4 years.

Personality Traits
(Still working on)

Hearing: 4
ESP: 4
Physical strength: 1
Agility: 3

A small satchel that houses hundreds of paper dolls; some blank, and a few already mapped.

Personal History


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