Catalina Rosetta York

Player Name



Catalina Rosetta York (True Name: Natalia Alisa Aleksandria Kologrivova IV)


The run-away Crown Princess of Valdova, turned fine Los Ares lady-Sheriff

Personality Traits

Girl's got a gift: Catalina has always been a physically gifted person. A shining beacon in a royal family marked by weak and sickly children, she was healthy, fit, and athletic, with an especial gift of stunning hand-eye coordination. Catalina excelled at her two favorite pastimes due to this: fencing and shooting.
That's past me now: Catalina is the actually Natalia, the run-away Crown Princess of Valvoda. Accused of murder, regicide, treason, adultery, and theft of royal artifacts, she is on the run from Valdovan officials who wish to bring her back to her country for trial and execution.
Growing up as royalty has had some lasting effects on Catalina, learned behaviors which she tries to mask.
Survival of the Wittest: When Catalina had to leave the comfortable arms of Daji Yoshiya, she had to find a way to become someone else. Using her intelligence and wits, she made a living as a confidence woman, swindling and grifting people less intelligent than she is. She's pretty good at reading people, playing people into her hands, avoiding lawmen, and knows who can be trusted and who can't.
The Gloves are Comin' Off: Due to the actions of Bertrand Davis and his gang while she was in their hands, Catalina is struggling to deal with the trauma dealt to her. However, there is indeed hope for her, as many of her actions indicate.


  • Gunshoot: 4
  • Fencing: 4
  • Lying/Persuasion: 3
  • Escape: 2
  • Dexterity (on foot): 3
  • Sleight of hand: 2


  • ——:


  • Revolver
  • Small Shotgun with a sling
  • Valdovan rapier and matching stiletto dagger
  • Valdovan Crown Princess jewels (Ornate, sapphire and diamond earrings, tiara and necklace)
  • Various clothes, mostly dresses and skirts.
  • Undisclosed amount of cash and assets.
  • Other various odds and ends.

Personal History

Natalia Alisa Aleksandria Kologrivova IV was the first and only surviving child of crowned Kologrivova royal family line. Called a miracle child, she was deemed a gift from the gods to the royals and thus protected heavily from most things. Natalia spent her free time dabbling in many activities, but it wasn't before long that she'd devoted herself to shooting and Valdovan blade arts.
When she was 17, a man by the name of Andrai Maklakov was introduced to her, and before long an engagment contract was signed by her father. The problem with this was that Natalia had no desire to marry the older man, even if everyone was telling her that it was for the 'good of the country'. Soon, she met Daji Yoshiya, prince of Higashi. They began to exchange letters. They fell in love.
Two days before she was to be married, she eloped with Daji on his ship, paying her carriage driver to swear him to secrecy. Not long after, she became wanted in her country for treason, murder, regicide, adultry and theft of royal artifacts. It wasn't long before her actions with Daji were discovered, and Natalia had to leave the comfortable life that the two had made. She ran, zig-zagging through Higashi and down into Norton. She changed her name, conned men out of money and gifts to get by, and made a living as a confidence woman. In time, she recieved a letter from Daji asking her to wait in Los Ares, a small bordertown, for him.


Catalina when she was Natalia Alisa Aleksandria Kologrivova IV

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