Casper Haley

Player Name



Casper Haley. Nicknamed Caz.


Connie's young son, a ten-year-old boy with a love of pranks and energy to spare.

Personality Traits

Lonely Kid: Caz's mother spends more time on the job than at home, and Caz resents this. Maybe that's why he's such a handful.

I'm Gonna Tell On You: Caz is more than happy to participate in wrongdoing, but he's just as likely to hold it against you if it's to his advantage.

Gee Whiz!: Caz is very easily impressed by tricks, gadgets, and unusual things and people. His curiosity sometimes gets him into trouble.

Mama's Boy: Despite everything, Caz cares for his mother and won't stand for people badmouthing her.

Innocent Cruelty: As a child, Caz's grasp on morality and far-reaching consequences are loose. His pranks and words sometimes stray into the territory of downright mean, though he may not be intending it.


Pranking: 4
Climbing: 5
Slingshot: 4
Tact: 2
Guts: 3


Slippery Little Devil: Caz is skilled at escaping. If an avenue for escaping a place or being grappled presents itself, he is likely to get away.

Satisfaction Brought It Back: Having a fascination with the weird lends Caz a strong stomach for gore and otherwise disturbing or disgusting phenomenon. His curiosity is rarely deterred, but if something frightens him badly he'll keep well away…for a time.


-Slingshot for shooting pebbles
- Bugs, mice, whatever other critters he can fit in his pockets
- An acorn
- Glue
- Sunday clothes (rarely worn)
- Bag of marbles
- Kaleidoscope
- Spinning top

Personal History

Born ten years ago and having lived in a variety of towns already, Caz was watched over by a long line of nannies and babysitters as his mother dedicated herself to fighting crime. He has trouble making friends his age, and frequently fights with other children when they make fun of his mother's job or Caz's lack of a father. Stability, kindness, and patience are three things Caz has little experience with.


A wiry kid with a mess of blond hair, freckles on fair skin, his mom's green eyes, and a penchant for mischief. He's frequently grinning, showing off some missing teeth, and his clothes are always dirty. Pretty cute, definitely trouble.

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