Big T Harris

Name: Michael “Big T” Harris

Age: 56

"Position”: Underworld Mechanic


  • Mechanics: 4
  • Bullshitting: 5
  • Being Scary: 4
  • Being Fat: 4
  • Big-Ass Pistol: 3
  • Hamfist: 4
  • Underworlder: 4

Notable Character Traits:

  • Underworld Personality: Big T Harris is that guy that every lowlife knows somehow. Operating out of the south quarter’s most respected and fear gear shop, Big T is a man among the seediest criminals in the city, friends with Terroni bikers and High Tier Officers alike.
  • A Friend To All: If Big T likes you, you are set. He takes care of his kind, and they take care of him. He is unfailingly loyal, and is absolutely notorious for telling Authority to “piss right the fuck off” when they come asking about his people. He is a man of his word, and you’d better be too. Double cross Big T Harris, and he’ll just put you in the ground without a second thought.
  • Great, Big, Fat, Jolly, Scary: Big T is BIG. Well over 300 pounds of meat on a 6’4” frame, and maintains a hearty charisma to go with it. He’s got the greatest stories, and the funniest jokes. Also, he can pack a punch behind those meat hooks of his. He’s not the kind of fat guy you want taking swings at you.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Mostly Just Fat: Big T ain’t movin’ no where too fast.
  • Crossed Boundaries: Being everyone’s friend sometimes leads to serious conflicts. While only the stupidest would dare fight on Big T’s ground, his relationship with the city’s most wanted sometimes earns him some bad wraps. And sometimes people kill each other over it.

History (Optional):

Coming soon

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