Bertrand Davis

Player Name



Bertrand Davis


The Younger Davis Brother; gang leader


He Regaled Me With Tales of Past Glories… Bertrand Davis has always been the more charming and eloquent of the Davis brothers, and is a superb confidence man and a natural leader. Rough men out for money and boys out for adventure equally find themselves following him, falling in with an outlaw gang.

Personality Traits

**A Charming Man: ** Bertrand is a well lettered, well spoken man who is more than passingly familiar with manipulation. Unlike his martial-minded brother, he is much more inclined to try and accomplish his aims through deception, subterfuge and sabotage.

The Brains of The Outfit Due to his upbringing, the younger Davis is quite a capable planner.

Seven Rules for Effective Outlawry Bertrand is quite clever, and has absolutely zero issue with fighting dirty, using terrain or firepower to his advantage or taking hostages if it is the most effective method to solve a problem or gain something he desires. He much prefers to manipulate people into fighting his battles for him. When forced into a situation where raw force is required, he favors engaging from afar, and with maximum force.


  • Deception: 4
  • Manipulation: 4
  • Tactics: 4
  • Leadership: 3
  • Longarms(rifles): 2
  • Longarms(scoped rifles): 4
  • Longarms(shotguns): 3
  • Handguns: 1


  • Scoped Evans repeater in .32 Evans
  • Single barrel 12 gauge pistol
  • .32 caliber pocket revolver
  • Black bowler
  • Assorted tasteful clothing
  • Gold rimmed glasses(with plain lenses, no prescription)

Personal History

While his elder brother Johnathan went off to fight the Higrashi people, Bertrand took a different tack. He conned his way into higher education, and soon turned that education into intelligent, capable outlawry. He favored confidence ploys and long range engagements to avoid witnesses or collateral damage. Not long after his brother returned, they soon took up together, their opposing talents and tastes complimented perfectly and the Davis Gang was formed.


Lean and slightly bookish, clad in tasteful attire and never without his black bowler or gold rimmed glasses(which he does not need), seldom fully armed. Only around 5'6 and possibly 150lbs

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