Player Name



Mr Oliver Bainwell



Personality Traits

He’s an Artist with a Knife: Mr Bainwell has a passion for his work. He’s not just cutting hair or mending a wound; it’s an art. It’s beauty, to take something undesirable and free the wonder within.

The Lion and the Lamb: Mr Bainwell is prone to daring acts of bravery when his fiancee is endangered.

Life is a Novel: Mr Bainwell enjoys literature, and as such, is fond of particular ways of speaking. He avoids slang and jargon like the plague, preferring more exact prose.

How… dare, you.: Nobody should ever harm Mr Bainwell's hair. He is rather adverse to filthy cretins befouling his coif of spun gold.


  • Barbery: 5
  • Dentistry: 2
  • Surgery: 3
  • Fitness: 2
  • Eye for Detail: 4
  • Scowl: 4
  • Knowledge and Artistry of the Razor: 4
  • Romantic Badassery: 3
  • Shooting: 2
  • Swordsplay: 1


  • Matching revolver and revolving rifle, intricately engraved with scrollwork. The revolver has ivory grips, and the rifle has ivory tips on either end of the stock.
  • Kun'yano katana, taken from that one bald higger that had the gall to cut his hair in a fight.

Personal History

Mr Bainwell’s father was a barber, as was his grandfather. His grandfather arrived in Los Ares years ago and opened the barber shop, where their family has lived and worked since.

He's by far the most talented individual that his family has produced thus far. A prodigy, he took over his father's barbershop early on and made a reputation for himself as an excellent barber. His parents retired to a small ranch out on the Nortonic side of Los Ares, and his grandparents live still in a far city.


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