Amelia Lovelace

Player Name



Amelia Lovelace



Personality Traits

A Girl About Town: It's no secret, Amelia is a whore.
Dark Secret: She is also possessed of a secret that no man who's seen is willing to tell about, for various reasons.


  • Persuasion(Seduction): 2
  • Sewing: 2
  • Pillow Talk: 3


  • Assorted dresses, petticoats and so forth befitting a prostitute of low means
  • Perfume - a particularly strong scent intended to do exactly what perfume was originally meant for.
  • A photograph of a family. A mother, father and one strapping looking young man
  • Razor
  • Double barreled .45 caliber derringer.

Personal History



Appearing roughly in her 30's, Amelia has stout thighs and shoulders, and an appearance looking not unlike that of most women of her era. Her living hasn't been easy, and she's no great beauty, but the effort she puts into looking her best does reflect well on her. She takes great care for her clothes, and is fairly talented at mending them.

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