Welcome to Los Ares

Los Ares was first established upon a trade and citizenship agreement regarding border towns being put into law. The borders between Norton and Higashi often seemed rather wide, and it was only a matter of time before small, independent towns popped up in the unclaimed land. Considered neutral territory, the law states that any and all citizens of Higashi and of Norton may reside in these towns.
Taxes are generally minimal, as it can be difficult to pinpoint any kind of system in what is unclaimed land. Many people in these border-towns even throw their citizenship out.
The general rules of living in Los Ares are simple: Don't make too much trouble, and do your community some good. Overpriced goods will be just as punished as drunken idiocy, and currency 'round here is pretty loose. You can brag about where you're from, but it honestly will do you little good here. The people here are Citizens of Los Ares, and that's what they like to be known as.
Welcome to our fine town. Do some trading, try not to drink too much, and come to the town hall if you're interest in owning some property. Enjoy your stay- and don't make an ass of yourself.

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